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For The Love Of The Game

Courtney Robinette has no memory of her dad being able to walk. She was eight years old when multiple sclerosis left him wheelchair bound. Now 23, that’s the only way Robinette remembers David Humm. Robinette said she started seeing the signs five years ago, but in the last year, Humm’s memory has gotten significantly worse. Just talking about it for a few minutes leads to tears.

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The Man Who Knew Too Little

Pruitt infuriated NFL defenses with the flimsy, tear-away jerseys he wore for much of his career, evading would-be tacklers as he raced his way, half-shirtless, to another first-down. “Sometimes I’d need ten or twelve jerseys a game,” said Pruitt, an elusive running-back and kick-returner who played nine seasons with the Cleveland Browns and three with the Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders, with whom he won a Super Bowl, before retiring in 1984.

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