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The Goose Was Playing – No Matter What

“Goose was going to hit you, and he was going to hit you hard,” Lionel Taylor, Gonsoulin’s teammate for six seasons with the Broncos, said in a telephone interview. “If you came near Goose, if you caught it or not, you were going to get hit…That’s a fact. That was Goose’s game.”

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Ricky Nattiel: “I’m Always Worried”

It’s the damn little things Ricky Nattiel can’t seem to remember: the name of an old friend, or a favorite actor, or a television show he’s seen thousands of times. The former Denver Bronco wide receiver says he doesn’t have dementia or suffer from depression. He hasn’t experienced mood swings or entertained thoughts of suicide. But it’s those seemingly benign memory lapses that dog him, causing him to fixate endlessly on whatever it is he cannot remember.

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