Women’s Judo Debate

Published: 2021-07-01 06:46:36
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Women's Judo My dear fellow judos, martial arts practitioners and sports women, l, Gamma Gibbons, am delighted you have joined me today to unravel the nauseating, adverse light that has been shown upon women's Judo recently. After, having unfortunately been exposed to an atrocity of a biased article revolved around yours truly, I felt compelled to express my rage and dismay towards the sexist, ignorant writer behind these fabricated words, Andrew M Brown. Ladies, who is he to tell us which sports are socially acceptable to practice?
Does he have the right to make sexist remarks bout our careers, when he himself, has spent time In a mental ward? Mr.. Brown, your article creates the wrong assessment of the beautifully orchestrated sport of women's judo. In your absurd article, you have displayed forms of incredibly offensive sexism, relating to my sport. The showcasing of your old fashioned opinions towards women being dominant in a strong sport has infuriated me. Your lack of understanding and knowledge for female athletes participating In any sport, only make you look thick and sexist.
Being a Judo myself, I have first hand experience of he sport, which puts me in a respectable position to inform that your accusations circling the sport is indeed, false. I apologize for my inconsiderate behavior, a Judo Mr.. Brown, is someone who practices Judo as a sport, male or female. Clearly from your fictional lies mentioned in your article you have no significant knowledge of the sport let alone the names of Its professional practitioners.

I am not exactly sure how he could have the tremendous talent of successfully enraging the entire sports community from Just the insensitive, foul, sexist language used in the title of your written piece. The title - a few words in length and Mr.. Brown has already showcased his hidden talent of triggering the anger in a group of female athletes in just one click of the publish button. His disregard towards not only the sport but Its athletes have immediately given the text a very condescending and patrolling voice as narrator, referring to Judos as "girls".
I'll have It known to you Mr.. Brown, that the entire female Olympic judo team includes adults ages 26 and above. He must have been blinded by the "disturbing" sight of a popular Olympic event that consists of watching "girls beat each other up". If he is so emotionally "unsettled" by watching a match, we're happy to direct him back to his soap operas at home. HIS referral to the sport using what I consider street slang Infuriates me as the implication that no skill or training is required in order to participate in the sport.
His low class view sickens me, furthering my disgust when he compares my match between my opponents as "two drunken women bashing ten bells out of each other". How dare he dishonor this highly respected Olympic sport? He is a writer not a sports critic, so a piece of advice for Mr.. Brown, stick to your own career. We do not "beat" or Have some respect for the commitment and strength it takes to hold a sport like judo. Additionally, I find it incredible that he can assert that he "probably sound appallingly sexist".
He has predicted his own criticism, suggesting the fact that he is fully aware that his discriminative mind is unsuitable for expressing his concern over a female sport, that's better known for its male practitioners. His condescending tone sounds as if he assumes that everyone will understand his reasoning. Newsflash Mr.. Brown, we are not so easily fooled by your attempt to evoke a family man status for yourself n order to counterbalance and deflect the controversy you caused. Anecdotes about his daughters have made me wonder, what if he had sons? Would his views be the same?
He is only trying to step into the role of a respectable man to dodge the criticism he would receive; his literacy devices did not have its effects on us though right, ladies? Does he really call himself a writer? His opinion is old- fashioned portraying women as the weaker, inferior people in this society, describing our "soft limbs battered black and blue with bruises" after a match. We are a lot stronger than you think Mr.. Brown, we can handle a few bruises and scratches but not in any way are our limbs any softer than your office restrained limbs.
In conclusion, as I have ferociously argued against Mr.. Brown's fabricated Judgments on a highly honorable Olympic sport, my opinions and feeling lie obvious. I am extremely appalled and repulsed by his sexist views and ignorant voice regarding not only me but also my fellow Judos and many other female athletes. I hope that I have conveyed my message across that women's Judo is far more skill related and respectable than what meets a washed up, sexist writer's eyes.

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