Wisdom of Whores

Published: 2021-07-01 06:11:53
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She then goes on to say hat "religious dogma crushes our efforts to translate good data into good HIVE prevention. " (Pl 88, Plans) In the book It goes on to say that power follows religion, and then money follows power and everyone follows money. To me I feel as If religion would be a good way to slow down the HIVE epidemic because, at a younger age if you're told about how sex and how it can cause HIVE which can cause death it would scare a lot of kids. If kids are learning about sex in a religious manner I feel as if adolescents would follow it more. If I was growing up with this I would be abstinent till marriage.
George W. Bush thought the same way that the only way to avoid HIVE Is to teach our children to be abstinent. Yes Plans brings In the argument of sperm between women and men and how they need sex, but there's always ways around that like religion, and being taught to control that urge. She then goes on to say the increase of premarital sex and the decrease of prostitution would ultimately cut the risk of HIVE. She goes on to bring out an example of Thailand saying that they have taught us that with fewer men paying for sex from prostitutes lowers the risk for HIVE Infection. Also with that, there would be a larger condom use.
I would have to disagree with this because if there was an Increase of premarital sex, it would just be a whole bunch of uneducated teenagers just going around having sex all the time. The only difference would be is that the men wouldn't have to be paying for this. She claims that condom use would be a lot higher, but if your increasing premarital sex, condoms defiantly would not be used and the HIVE epidemic would be still be around. Yes I agree that the numbers would go down, but I feel It wouldn't go down that much to make this a great development. The teenagers would have to be educated about HIVE and educated about safe sex.

One of Aphasia's quotes had been "there's enough HIVE for everyone", but in this little island of East Timer, there's actually wasn't enough HIVE for everyone. On this island there were many different HIVE organizations working on this island with not that many documented infected people. On this island there were only about seven people with HIVE. From Plane's conclusion she thought poverty, street children and joblessness does not make an HIVE epidemic In this society. Just because there wasn't enough prostitution or drug injection HIVE couldn't be high and all this money going onto this country about HIVE prevention wouldn't matter.
In a society, I feel like poverty could cause HIVE because sooner or later people in the society will be selling there bodies for money. From what I understand, is that not everyone on this island is educated enough to get an HIVE test, because they are not educated about what HIVE Is. There should be different programs In this country to educate the people of east Limbo sot at n HIVE does not spread around Ana It stays ten same . Inure snout programs on safe sex using condoms, programs on not doing drugs and even prostitution.
From reading this novel, the most interesting of points that caught my eye is the battle between how AIDS and HIVE is spread throughout the world. Is it spread through sex and drugs? Or is it spread over poverty and gender inequality? Pisa believes that sex and drugs is the main dilemma when it comes to the HIVE epidemic. Pisa brings up the point with Africa because 2/3 of the people infected in the world live in the countries around Africa. She brings out a good quote that caught my eye, "A schoolgirl in South Africa is thirteen times more likely to be infected with HIVE than a woman who sells sex for a living in China. Pl 24-125, Pisa) Ultimately, I would have to agree with Meads that poverty and gender inequality causes HIVE in poorer countries. In Africa, there is a humongous gap between the rich minority and the poor minority. With gender inequality, if men in a specific region are more literate then women HIVE will spread or of the population of a city is more males than women then HIVE will spread. Education is the biggest for me, where there is poverty, there are more uneducated people, and if those people don't know about safe sex, and diseases, then people will be infected.
Where there is a society of poverty and uneducated people, both women and males will sell there bodies to make money and HIVE will be spread because unprotected sex would be taking place. On the other hand I do agree with Pisa but in another circumstance. I believe sex and drugs does cause HIVE and AIDS but only in high industrial countries like the United States or France. When the HIVE epidemic came into place in the United States, it was said that it was spread through party drugs and also sex with gay men. In a poorer country, like Africa poverty and gender inequality spreads aids because of the structural violence.

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