Willy Russell`s Blood Brothers

Published: 2021-07-01 05:34:46
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* From reading the play why do you think it's so popular?
* What dramatic devices and theatrical techniques does he use that make it such an enjoyable show?
Going to the theatre is different from reading a book because in the theatre the play is live. In the theatre you can see emotion on the actor's faces, there's also the music and the lightings, and you can see the body expression of the actors and their reactions. In a book you have to use your imagination and you can be wrong in some points. There is nothing like going to the theatre; it's a unique experience because you have to share the pay with the rest of the audience it's like at home when you're sitting on a sofa. In a theatre the atmosphere is different because of the lighting effects and the music but also because of the rest of the audience with who you share a play but also feelings and emotions. In the theatre you can empathise with the characters. I think that going to the theatre is a really unique experience because sitting with a lot of people and to have a same feeling and a same emotion; it's a bit funny but also exciting.

Blood Brother is about twins who are separate at birth. They grew up at friends and they didn't know that they're brothers until the day of their death. This play is a musical and a black comedy, it's not just a comedy it's also a tragedy as well, and this is what we call a tragic-comedy. This play is an enjoyable and interesting show because Willy Russell talks about classes, friendship, growth, love.
In this play, my favourite characters are Eddie and Linda. I like them because Linda represent the feminism, by that I mean that in the play she's changing, she's becoming a women and the audience can follow her in her growth: "I've got mud all over me shoes". She acts like a teenage girl not like a young girl like she used to be. I empathise with Linda because it's like seeing me growing except for the children that she's going to have! And Eddie because he's really posh and doesn't know anything: "
Eddie: Why?
Mickey: Because if Sammy gives us a sweet he's actually weed on it first.
Eddie: It sounds like super fun"
He sounds stupid but hopefully Linda and Mickey are there for him.
Willy Russell can create tension on stage by using the lighting effects which go with the emotions. E.g.: When it's a tense scene the lights go red. He can create atmosphere and mood by using lights but also with what the narrator is saying: "So did you ever hear the tale of the Jonhston twins...Bring on the mother let the story begin". His language helps to create an atmosphere; it's usually dark and sinister: "The Devil's in the backyard, he can see...No you won't, no you'll never get away from him".
Willy Russell makes the audience involved by using dramatic irony which occrus when the audience is given information which the characters do not have, like at the very beginning of the scene when the audience know about the twin's separation but the twins don't know. Another example of dramatic irony is when Eddie gives a job to Mickey but Mickey doesn't know about it that make the audience feels afraid he will findout because we know he'll be angry. One of the dramatic moment is when Eddie came back from University, he's rich and doesn't know about working to feed a family, on the contrary Mickey has to work for Linda and him, he's poor and his wife is pregnant. But Eddie doesn't understand why it's so important for Mickey to work, because he has already got what he wants, he would be staring at Mickey with an innocent face and talk with a posh voice: "
Eddie: Why is a job so important? If I couldn't get a job I'd just say 'sod it' and draw the dole, like a bohemian, tilt my hat to the world and say 'screw you'. So you're not working. Why is it so important?". The other dramatic moment is when Eddie is talking with Mrs Johnston I think that there's lot of emotion in that scene because the audience is surprised and then happy because Mrs Johnston and her son Eddie are finally together, even if it's not for a long time.
I think that it's really touching because Mrs Johnston let him act like her child and don't try to make him go away: "She takes him, cradles him to her, letting him cry". The most touching moment in that play in my opinion, is when Eddie comes to Mrs Johnston's house to tell Mickeythat he's going to move. I think that in this scene there's lot of feelings, because that 7 years old boy coming to say bye to his Blood Brother, but also the way Mrs Johnston reacts is amazing and natural, the audience can feel that even if her son is not next to her day after day, she still loves him a lot. She talks to him, and she tries to keep both of her twins safe.
In this play, Willy Russell is talking about ordinary people from Britain, is trying to show that adolescent grow all differently with different past, present and future. Our future is different because of our education, parents money but also friendship and love. He explores the superstiton with Mrs Johnston, the mother who is in this play a superstitious person: "Oh God. Never put new shoes on a table, Mrs Lyons. You never know what'll happen.".
He also thinks that the British system class is unfair because if you pay attention to the kids even if they come from diffenrent classes they play together because kids are just kids Mickey is not really old but he is working really hard to have a house, to grow his kids and have a decent life, while Eddie has got his dad's job at the factory whitout doing anything. This is how money and classes can make people's life change. He thinks that superstition isn't a good thing, he plays with the fact that Mrs Johnston is superstitious. Mickey represents the working class and Eddie represents the Upper Middle Class. And when Mickey is holding a gun, ready to shot Eddie it's like a threat to the Upper Middle Classpeople. And when Eddie gave a job to Mickey is to prove how the Upper Middle Class is influential: "
Linda: Oh. Are you? The Chairman?
Eddie: Nodding, laughing You look very funny sitting there you know. Don't you think you'd better come into my office? He offers his hand, she takes it, gets up nad follows him Now what's the problem? They enter an 'office' Eddie reaplacing telephone Now? Where's the problem? You can move in next week. Smiles
Linda: Eddie. Thanks! Eddie, we've been trying to get moved for five years. You fix it up in five minutes!
Eddie: Exctly. You should have asked me earlier."
One of the moment who made me think is when Mickey is talking about growing: "
Mickey: NO! I don't wantyour money. Stuff it. Mickey watches as Eddie turns and picks up the notes Eddie standing and looking at him Eddie, do me a favour will you? Piss off.
Eddie: Pause I thought... I thought we always stuck together. I thought we were... blood brothers.
Mickey: That was kids' stuff, Eddie, didn't anyone tell you? Pause Mickey looking at him. An ironic snort But I suppose you still are a kid aren't you?
Eddie: I'm exactly the same age as you.
Mickey: Yeh. But you're still a kid. I wish I could still be that as well, Eddie... and believe in all that bloddbrother stuff. But I cant. Because while no one was looking, I grew up. And you didn't. Because you didn't need to. I don't blame you for it Eddie. If I was in your shoes I'd be the sae. But I'm these shoes, looking at you. And you make me sick! Right? That was all just kids' stuff, Eddie, and I don't want to be reminded of it. Right? So just, take yourself away. Go and see your friends and celebrate with them. Pause Go on... beat it before I hit you.
Eddie looks and then slowly backs away"
He communivates his feelings and this is why it's so moving and an important moment. Then there's the music which add the background atmosphere.
I think that this play is the best I've ever read, everyone can read it and even if your learning English it's quite easy. This play explores life, the reason why this play is fantastic it's becase it's talking about everything. This play is engaging but aso really interesting, there's always something hapening and the characters are all nice in their own way.
There's also a politic idea in that play, because the boys life are totally different and you can see it by the way they're growing. We can find loads of emotions. Willy Russell uses humour by what the characters are saying, he puts two grown men dressed inchildren's clothes to play the role of 7 years old kids which are playing cowboys and indians. This play is very impressive, fun and pleasing. I really liked it and fully understand why it's such a sucess on the London stage.

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