Why Courage Matters

Published: 2021-07-01 06:50:04
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McCain mean by saying that "without courage all virtue Is fragile"?
It means that If we lack courage to hold on to our beliefs In the moment of testing, no just when everybody agrees with our opinion but also when they go against opposition, then our beliefs are superficial and weak and add nothing to our self respect for our virtues.
Explain the concept of moral courage using an example. Is it different from physical courage?

Moral courage Is the ability to act rightly In the face of popular opposition, shame, scandal, or discouragement. This is the courage many people face on an everyday basis, always doing what Is right regardless of the consequences faced. Most people have a hard time doing the right thing when doing the opposite Is easier matter how hard It Is, and regardless of being Judged. This Is mostly because of human nature to care for their selves before others. For example, a group of guys walk down the street and watch a man's wallet fall from his pocket.
The right thing to do is pick it up and return it back to the man. Because, there are a group of guys the better option is to walk away with the wallet. Therefore, your moral courage is questioned. All it takes is one person taking a stand for doing the right thing. Physical courage is familiar to many people: is courage in the face of physical pain, hardship, death, or threat of death. For example, when a building is caught on fire, people call the fire department. Firefighters run Inside that building regarding their fatty to help and protect the people trapped Inside.
Regardless of the situation they make sure the people are safe, and sometimes losing their lives to save a stranger. Putting their lives on the line, not to overpower or harm others, but to serve and protect them. In these actions they deserve much respect for their hard work and dedication to serving others.
What does McCain mean by "doing one's nearest duty'? Does the fact that McCain is a high-profile politician add an element to that idea? Explain why or why not?
It means that we should always strive to comply with our responsibilities and duties in every aspect of life. For five years, McCain was a POP in Vietnam. At one point he was offered his freedom but chose to stay behind with his fellow soldiers. That decision resulted In torture by his captors. Evaluate Moccasin's decision In terms of physical and moral courage, and the concept of ones' nearest duty. " resulted on more physical pain and torture. This action shows and represents mental courage and a sense of responsibility towards his personal duties.

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