Volunteering at East Lansing Health Care for elder people

Published: 2021-07-01 06:19:52
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Reflection Paper Volunteering at East Lansing Health Care for elder people Trough class I learned about the opportunity to volunteer at East Lansing Health Care for elder people. So far, I and have spent 15 hours helping the elderly at the institution. Every day senior people face obstacles that they need help with. First, it is hard for many of them to move and they need help with doing regular things. Second, senior people have much to say and they require moral support. By socializing with the elderly, I help them express their thoughts and ideas. They know that I truly care about them, and they feel safe and open with me.
I begin my usual volunteer day by talking with the elderly and keeping the conversation going until they have expressed themselves fully. These people need to be heard and understood - this is what mostly help them with. I provide moral support for the once who need It. Some seniors like to talk about their family and relatives. When I first started working at East Lansing Health Care for elder people, I met a resident named He was very friendly and keen to socialize with me. He told me that for him, family means everything and that he always keeps pictures of his family n his drawer. Lulled out his photo album and started introducing me to his family and telling me stories about them. It was very fascinating and interesting. I also showed him my family on the phone, after which started asking me about my family and what they do. It was a very friendly and relaxed conversation that I really enjoyed. A few days ago, I had a quite scientific conversation with one of the residents about the possible consequences of global warming. Was very knowledgeable of the issue and told me many interesting facts that he read in the news.
He told me that If our planet warms up by Just four degrees, no permanent Ice will remain on the planet. Also said that should this happen, rising sea levels will threat the humanity. I was amazed at how much passion this resident had trying to explain me what Is happening to our planet. At the end, asked about my plans for the Thanksgiving. He advised that I go vaults the Great Lakes and enjoy the wonderful nature in that area. Conversations like this really make me feel involved and I get personal satisfaction from the time I am devoting to volunteering.

Yesterday, I helped organize a Halloween party for the elders at the facility dining room. We served them food and a cake and made sure they were engaged in the party. I think events like this help the elders come together and remember their youth. I could see Joy in their eyes as they sang a country song together. Overall, I believe that my service benefits the community. Moreover, I am certain that volunteering experience also benefits me. First, it broadens my horizons by connecting me with the segment of the population I would not normally encounter In my day-to-day life on campus.
Through volunteering, I am able to see a clearer picture of the American society, which Is making me more aware. Moreover, by leaving my comfort zone. I am able to develop. Second, through volunteering I am people. In the future, I am also planning to volunteer at East Lansing Refugee Development Center and help refugees from all over the world. I am sure I will be able to help refugees with adapting to the American culture and getting over with the past. Many friends ask me, why do you volunteer? I usually respond that I feel like it is my moral obligation to help people.
In this particular case, helping the elderly reminds me helping my grandparents and I feel rewarded when they simply say "Thank you! " or ask "When will you come again? " I establish personal connections with the elders I help and instill trust in our relationships. We are friends, friends that can help each other for no profit. Thus, my experience volunteering at East Lansing Health Care for elder people has been very positive and rewarding. I plan to continue volunteering at the organization until the end of semester, and hopefully will be able to benefit many seniors, who need my help and attention.

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