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Published: 2021-07-01 06:46:26
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The Kashmir earthquake happened on Saturday October 5th 2005, at 8:50am local time which had a magnitude of 7. 6. 74,500+ were dead and 106,000+ were injured in the Kashmir region of Northern Pakistan which was the 14th deadliest earthquake of all time. Its focus was 26km down and the shaking lasted for 60 seconds (1 Minute). The most badly affected area was in the Epicentral area around Muzaffarabad which is the capital of the Pakistan administered region of Kashmir. It is 80km north-east of Islamabad. 20 aftershocks were followed after the earthquake.
It is said to be the strongest earthquake to hit the region in a century. The primary effects of the Kashmir earthquake included: Several trains on minor lines were derailed, 3. 3 million homes were destroyed, 79,000 people were killed and 100,000 injured. Secondary effects included: Electricity, gas and water supplies were disrupted, an outbreak of diarrhea spread from contaminated water supplies, respiratory infections such as pneumonia and people died of cold and starvation during the harsh winter season especially homeless people.
Longer term effects of the Kashmir Earthquake included: The overall cost of the damage was $1000,000, 3. 3 million people had to live in temporary accommodation until rebuilding could start and in rural areas the crops mostly survived and so did the animals living there. Short term responses were: Supplying food and water, rescuing trapped people, rescue and medical teams arriving from other countries, tents supplied. Medium Term responses are: Re-establishing water supplies, building temporary, prefabricated houses, providing money for temporary housing.

Long term responses are: Preparing disaster plans and carrying out regular practices, training emergency services, setting up an efficient earthquake warnings and information system using the media There are many similarities and differences from the Kashmir earthquake compared to other earthquakes such as Kobe earthquake/Great Hanshin. The Great Hanshin Earthquake occurred on Tuesday, January 17, 1995, at 05:46 in Japan. The focus was about 19km below the sea whilst the Kashmir earthquake was 26km down.
This will have an immense effect on the earthquake, Also, The epicentre was between Kobe and Awaji Island whilst Kashmir`s was around Muzaffarabad. For the Kobe earthquake nearly 200,000 buildings were destroyed whilst for Kashmir there were at least 1 in very 10 buildings were destroyed which will be higher than the buildings collapsed in Kobe earthquake. 5,500 people were killed and 40,000 were injured and an estimated 230,000 people were made homeless in the Kobe earthquake.
In the Kashmir Earthquake, 74,500+ were killed and 106,000+ were injured which is more than double the people who were affected from the Kobe Earthquake. Other reasons for Kashmir Earthquake being more severe are: It is a mountainous area, it is in a collision zone. These stats tells us that The Kashmir earthquake was stronger and more severe and had a bigger impact to the society, economy and physical effects. Another difference is that the Kobe government made a slow response and lack of an emergency plan when the earthquake hit.
In Kashmir earthquake, the government reacted instantly. Many good and bad things happened after the quake, 1 week after the quake: the death toll continued to rise, bulldozers began to clear streets and knock down unsafe buildings, some shops and schools reopened. After 2 weeks: Overcrowding in makeshift shelters became a health hazard, cold weather led to a flu epidemic, people needed help to cope with the stress and shock of the quake.

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