United States Bill of Rights and American Sporting Tradition

Published: 2021-07-01 05:54:32
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Gun Control Gun control would not help crime or murder rates because instead it disarms the law abiding citizens, therefore putting them at a disadvantage in defending there selves against criminals. The second amendment states that citizens have the right to bear arms. Guns have also been an American sporting tradition for years, and have saved many lives from rapist, murders and innocent civilians from the hands of criminals. The second amendment is part of the constitution and is something that should never be taken away, and can’t be taken away.
The amendment says that “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. ” The first 10 amendments to our Constitution protect our most basic rights from being stripped away by an overly zealous government, including rights that all Americans hold dear. The United States Bill of Rights plays a central role in American law and government, and remains a fundamental symbol of the freedoms and culture of the nation.
One of the original fourteen copies of the U. S. Bill of Rights is on public display at the National Archives in Washington, D. C. This amendment and right give us the citizens a chance to defend ourselves from danger from not only criminals but also a foreign attack. A shooting sport is a competitive sport involving tests of proficiency (accuracy and speed) using various types of guns such as firearms and air guns. Hunting is also a shooting sport, and indeed shooting live pigeons was an Olympic event only once, in 1900.

The shooting sports are categorized by the type of firearm, target and distances at which targets are shot at. Shooting sports have been a part of the Games since Baron Pierre de Coubertin brought us the first modern Olympiad in 1896. It was one of the first nine events held at the first Olympic Games along with track and field, Cycling, Fencing, Gymnastics, Swimming, Tennis, Weightlifting, and Wrestling. Guns have been a huge part of American history since the Olympics started in 1896.
Guns have been used for many years not only to defend our country but also defend ourselves in the event of being attacked by a criminal. If the availability of guns is the major reason for the murder of people, why isn’t it that when the rate of gun sales go up the murder rate doesn’t go up as well? The answer is simple guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Imagine if the 10,000+ victims had guns of their own. That statistic could have shockingly stayed the same, just with different victims: the criminals.
Americans tend to believe that guns are easily obtained, when in reality federals laws already passed make it impossible for criminals to legally obtain a weapon. Gun sales have gone through the roof since president Obama took office yet in terms of violent crime, the United States is safer today than it was 20 years ago. Violent crimes will continue to exist with or without stricter gun control. Guns will always be obtained by criminals if they want to get their hands on one, and making stricter gun control laws will only make civilians defenseless against these criminals.
Taking the right to bear arms away will not save lives it will only cause more violence and since criminals don't follow the laws in the first place more laws would only hinder law abiding people not the criminals; they will still get any type of gun they want because the all mighty dollar is king. Even if we outlawed all guns criminals would still have them smuggled into the country just like drugs. The only thing that would accomplish would be law abiding people would be defenseless and the criminals would rule.

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