Understand Child and Young Peoples Development

Published: 2021-07-01 06:11:38
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3. 1/3. 1 Explain how to monitor children and young people’s development using different methods: Monitoring children and young people’s development using different methods such as an observation, where I would watch the child closely in different contexts depending on which area I was observing e. g. social development I would observe outside in the play area or in group activity.
I would write up notes of what the child is doing, how they are interacting with others, their capability within the pre-school and then from this I would be able to tell their ability within the age range and if help was needed I would then put in a referral or organise a development plan. Communicating with the parent/career is also a great way of learning about the child as they may do things at home which they may not be confident in doing in the pre-school. All records and feedback found/used would be shared with the parent/career about the findings if any.
Always remembering, to take into account their culture/EAL, and any issues with these. 3. 1/3. 2 Explain the reasons why children and young people’s development may not follow the expected pattern: There are many reasons that a child/person may not follow their expected development pattern – Emotional/social: They may not have the confidence, may prefer their own company which means their personal space is very important to them. Who and where they are socialising. Physical/mental abuse: If a child witnesses or experiences this, it could affect their how they value/control their own emotional feelings.

Culture: There are many things they can and can’t do due to culture beliefs, poverty, not enough money, poor health, lack of resources or facilities or just lack of UTW. Disability: If they are unable to use certain parts of their body. Not having the facilities/resources available to them. Environment: If they do not associate or live around in a multi culture area they might not understand their environmental needs. 3. 1/3. 3 Explain how disability may affect development: If a child has a physical development they may not develop in their gross motor skills as quick as others.
They may have a lack in motivation in participating which will impact on their development as they will not pay attention. If they do not have the correct resources/equipment then they will not develop as they will not have the help which may be required. They may be subject to discrimination or prejudice for this they may be treated different from the other children. They may not have the ability to learn, communicate or understand. There are many different types of learning disabilities from small to large problems that may affect their whole life.

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