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Published: 2021-07-01 05:54:39
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The years of 1901-1912 were a time of fast moving evolution for the united States on the stage of world relationships. As Roosevelt entered office, the "Big Stick" was placed firmly in his hands. He took control of affairs and handled them in the way that he felt should be handled. Nevertheless, when Taft entered office and he did not want to play as large of a role furthermore, big dollar diplomacy evolved out of this desire. Big Dollar diplomacy would have never evolved If It wasn't for the big stick and for his one Incentive alone it shows that Roosevelt polices were far more effective.
Roosevelt placed the united States Into situations she had never had to deal with In the past. This won the respect of the nations of the world. The Big Stick at period was so overpowering that It far exceeded the country's capableness. Roosevelt personality did not take Into consideration that at many times In order to form the point of potency he desired he had to dull the rest of the blade. This was unquestionably shown in the structure of the Great white Fleet.
Roosevelt had the sire to show the world the naval capabilities of the united States so he formed the great fleet of battleships to take a tour of the world- while incidentally leaving the rest of our nation's welfare completely exposed. On the bright side however, the Big Stick was the influential force of strong nationalistic feelings. It awakened the country and made it feel pleasurable as it left a period of crime and corruption in politics. Most importantly, although it was still years away, it allowed us to start prepping for World War One, politically as well as militarily.

When the traditional Taft entered office after Roosevelt, he realized that the he would have to show the nation he was not the same type of leader as Roosevelt was. He was not proficient enough of taking the huge risks Roosevelt had made common practice during his presidency. However, Taft was faced with great tasks. He could not let the newly formed American Empire fall by the curb. He could not let the other countries of the world loose respect for us and gain more land in far off places. So Taft developed a new form of global policy.
Big Dollar Diplomacy as it was called was more of a maintenance driven policy than anything else. Instead of expanding the empire with the Big Stick, Taft took benefit of American economic and industrial force. There could have been no better change flanked by the radical policies of Roosevelt and the traditionalist ones of Wilson. The big dollar maintained American strength and influence, but did not expand It. This was shown by Tuft's desire to build a transcontinental railroad in China. Taft kept us on the point with world affairs UT, only at the conservative level that he knew we could handle safely.
By utilizing the dollar he hit other nations where It hurts, the pocket. He made others Like those In South America loyal to us and paved our status In the world. Big Stick and Big Dollar diplomacy were both victorious polices In the respect that they skillfully validated what they were Intended to do. However, Big Dollar was more of a patch. It was adapted as a "do the least that we can" type of policy. Therefore I believe that the Big Stick was far more victorious. If we did not have the lumber of Dollar.

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