The Reason You’re Over Weight

Published: 2021-07-01 06:20:47
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Bad Eating Habits Darlene Wilder ENGL135 March 20, 2010 ? Bad Eating Habits You think just because you eat at night that is the reason you’re over weight? True in a way, but the main cause in the United States for obesity is bad eating habits. Almost every citizen doesn’t know that extra eating, and extra late night snacking is a bad eating habit, which causes problems in the future. They practically thinks its normal the way they eat, but long term wise its causes bad health problems from bad eating habits. Bad eating habits can be unhealthy which can be treated by changing your diet and controlling how much you consume.
Breaking bad habits is hard to do, using me for example, for years I had bad eating habits it was hard to control does late night cravens, but me as a person had to change for my health and for my children sake. A good starting point is to get very clear on what is considered to be benefiting you making the changes. It’s good to consult with your food doctor to see what they could prescribe you to do to stop your bad eating habits. I know from experience that dieting foods may not have a good taste, but fruits are good supplement to help you start eating healthy foods instead of junk food .
This could be your first step on concurring your bad eating habits. Over time, habits become automatic, learned behaviors, and these are stronger than new habits you are trying to incorporate into your life. There are millions of ways for you to stop your bad eating habits; you as a person just have to accept the challenge to change bad eating habits. Instead of eating three full course meals a day, make two course meals a day with a complement of fruit. Try mixing up the meats you eat a week. Bad Eating Habits

Instead of fried food have it baked, instead of bake have it steamed there’s plenty of ways to cut those greasy fats out of your lifestyle. Even those who manage there bad eating habits have a relapse from time to time; this could come from stress, loneliness, and depression. In my conclusion bad eating and late night snacking could cause a lot of health problems. Try to change your diet and control how much you consume into your body. The main thing is try to change your habits and consumption and you should not have a problem with being obesity and other medical conditions.

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