The Influence of Globalization on Movies

Published: 2021-07-01 07:08:33
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The Influence of Globalization on movies Nowadays, movies, which are the most important entertainment of people, has spent much more money and time than before by a growing number of people. Different kinds of new movies play nearly everyday; and the way to watch a movie isn’t confined to the cinema. Along with the improvement of digital postproduction and digital effect is applied to the movies, they make people to be personally on the scene when you watch a movie. In the past twenty years, the changes of the ways to watch a movie and the movie technology have already influenced entertainment for people deeply.
As we know, globalization on movies and films’ changes in the past twenty years had an effect on people’s daily life, so it was the reason for choosing this topic. We worked out six questionnaires about the project after deciding on the topic. We had 3 yes/no questions, for instance, do you like watching movies, how many movies do you watch per month and traditional movies are more valuable than commercial movies. In addition, we had a multiple choice in our survey, it is “Which kind of films do you like”.
Besides these, two open questions were chosen, one is “What aspects of movie do you think have changed? ”, another is “Which ways do you often watch movies? ”. Our group planned to ask 12 people to answer the questions when we were finishing the questionnaires, so each group’s member needed to ask 3 people about the questions. Only my roommates were asked, and all questions were answered by a pencil. These men who were asked to answer the questions because of convenience; I could take up too much of their time to explain the project, the topic and the detail of the questions, too.

The result was collected together when we finished asking the questions. The outcome of our survey is that all the interviewees like to watch movies. However, half of them watch movies less than 5 per month, nearly half of the interviewees watch 6 to 10 movies per month . Only one interviewee watches movies more than 20 per month. Disaster film and comedy film are the most popular movies among the interviewees, many people watch science fiction film and cartoon film as well.
Fewer interviewees like watching crime film. A majority of people consider that movies’ theme need to change most because they want to watch a variety of movies. Meanwhile, the way to watch a movie is infinite variety, such as internet, at home by a DVD, cinema and web TV phone. Most interviewees also believe that traditional movies are more valuable than commercial movies. It can be seen from the survey’s figures that the ways to watch a movie and the movie technology have changed most in the past twenty years.
Over the past days, only cinema was supplied for people who wanted to watch a movie. But now, more and more people watch movies at home through Family Cinema and computer because they make people comfortably. People can sit on the sofa even or lie in bed to watch a movie, and they are able to have some food and drink at the same time. However, in my opinion, movies’ changes which affect entertainment of people most is movie technology, particularly is computer digital special effects’ appearance.
Digital special effect is not only a supplement for film editing, it have already penetrated into every aspect of movies, such as screenplay, scene, stage-ties and postproduction. The directors’ imagination is also at liberty to gallop on through the digital special effect. It makes people to be personally on the scene and shock each audience’s ghost. There is no doubt that people’s daily life is closed related to movies, and they play a very significant role in people’s entertainment life. Movies’ changes have never terminated in the past twenty years, and film industry has undergone enormous changes.

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