The Diary of Anne Frank Rtl: Mood

Published: 2021-07-01 06:31:44
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When the Franks and Van Deans enter the annex they still have hope that they can et through this especially Anne "You could not do this you could not do that but somehow we children managed to have fun". Everyone is nervous as well; they feel a touch of nervousness of what Lies ahead. "I don't ever want you to go beyond that door" ( Mr.. Frank, pig 711). They spend their time doing nothing but moving around In their little annex at first, but then the tension in their families start to break. Peter and Anne start to make fun of each other; Anne mocking Pewter's Cat and Peter reminding Anne of old schoolyard names she used to be called.
Anne starts to annoy everyone as well. But the real conflict starts with the Van Deans. "You ought to be ashamed of yourself" (Mr.. Van Dana, pig 718) Mr.. Van Dana directs to Peter, showing off his disappointment of Peter. The annex becomes heated with arguments between Anne and the Van Deans, them calling Anne rude and troublesome. After all this arguing everything becomes still and calm Just as Mr.. Diesel arrives. Anne and her mother's relationship takes a toll on the group leaving them all depressed. They all try and make things work but they can't shake that feeling.
They all feel hurt from all the squabbling, Anne says it best "Oh Pimp, I was horrible wasn't They all feel down In the dumps but when Hanukkah arrives. It's the first night of Hanukkah and they are all happy for once. "That was very moving" (Mr.. Diesel, pig 736) responded Diesel to Mr.. Franks prayer. They are all uplifted by everything and everyone especially Anne as she generously gave presents to everyone. That Is until Peter and Mr.. Van Dana start to fight about his cat, and from bad to worse a burglar comes and scares all of them dampening their mood.

But through all of that they sing a Hanukkah song and end their night in happiness. As always this does not last. They are all hungry and bitter. The Van Deans more than anyone, "Their discussions becoming more violent" (Anne pig 749) described Anne. They all are becoming even angrier. Except for Peter and Anne, they are becoming closer, but leaving everyone else lonely. They all become slightly more optimistic because of news from MIPS. The Invasion had begun, the allies landed on Normandy. This gave everyone hope of survival. Peter and Anne are still friends, they are all happy.
Anger arises when Mr.. Van Dana is caught stealing food, Mrs.. Frank furious and yelling at him to leave. This 1 OFF all spirals Into something worse when ten Nazis Tina teen, teen are all captured t dread they had felt the whole time in the annex finally hits them with full force. The Franks and Van Deans experience in hiding was terrible. They all felt dread the whole time. They were hiding their emotions as best as they could. They clung to their memories and ultimately their lives. They felt a dreadful mixture of hope and misery.

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