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Published: 2021-07-01 07:01:49
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Introduction The assisting procedure is a manner for human service professionals to assist those in demand. During the assisting procedure a human service professional is to give their support to clients and to assist the client achieve their ends. and with the aid of the human service professional they can assist the client to develop and turn more efficaciously in their lives. The Assessment Process Assessment is an on-going procedure that happens within all client contracts to assist derive and understand the strengths and demands of the client and the whole household.
When utilizing appraisal it is to garner the needed information that will fit the client with suited services. During the assessment procedure. the human service assistant establishes who the client is. this is when a working relationship is formed and this is besides when all required consumption signifiers are filled out such as: Insurance Information. Sketching the intent and services of the bureau. Assurances of Confidentiality. Obtaining information releases ( McClam & A ; Woodside. 2012 ) . In the assisting stage following is the planning procedure. it helps to set up services.
This is when persons are accepted into the bureau for services and they have met the eligibility standards and is now a client of the bureau ( McClam & A ; Woodside. 2012 ) . The planning procedure this is when the human service assistant and the client focuses on developing a service program and service bringing. During the planning procedure. helps to give the helper an apprehension of what services might be needed. The following procedure is the execution procedure. which is when the service program is carried out and evaluated.

This procedure happens when the assistant provides services THE ASSESSMENT PROCESS 3 and is measuring the quality of services. The assistant oversees who is supplying services. how to supervise execution. how to work with other professionals and how to measure the services. During the assisting procedure. the assistant is required to make a instance reappraisal. write studies. and certification of all instances. Case reappraisal can happen during the hebdomadal meetings between the assistant and client and between the assistant and the supervisor.
Case reappraisals are common during an appraisal. and instance reappraisals are a portion of the organisation and it helps to guarantee effectual service bringing to clients. Write studies are a manner for the assistant to maintain path of the services the client receives. and written studies paths information such as: appraisals. planning. and execution. rating and the expiration of the instance ( McClam & A ; Woodside. 2012 ) . Documentation is ever used. because it paperss the services of the bureau. length of plans. and provides.
The helper’s duty is to document all information accurately and in a timely mode. During the assisting procedure the client’s engagement is besides of import. because the assistant establishes the client’s ends. intent. and functions ( McClam & A ; Woodside. 2013 ) . Strength-based-approaches are used in each assisting procedure. In the appraisal procedure. the strength-based attack is focused on the positive features. abilities. and the experiences of the client. The strength-based attack in the appraisal procedure. is to garner information about the client’s demands and research resources.
The assistant is more focussed on how to assist the client to be more successful ( McClam & A ; Woodside. 2012 ) . In the planning procedure. the strength-based attack is to understand the strength of the client for a more positive planning. The client-helper relationship gets stronger for a positive assisting procedure ( McClam & A ; Woodside. 2012 ) . Part of the strength-based attack in the planning procedure. the client’s engagement is based on a short/long term ends that is good matched with the client’s values and strengths ( McClam & A ; Woodside. 2012 ) .
In the THE ASSESSMENT PROCESS 4þ execution procedure. the strength-based attack is surrounded by the client’s strengths. The helper attending is to the client in which the assistant emphasizes the values of self- finding and duties of the client. Ethical considerations is the codification of moralss that is really of import in the assisting procedure. Ethical consideration illustrates the client’s right to self-government. to make injury. advance fairness and equal entree to service. be responsible to clients. and be honest. Ethical considerations which is govern by the codifications of moralss. which is a guideline for pattern.
The assistant is to maintain clients information confidential. THE ASSESSMENT PROCESS 5 Conclusion The assisting procedure is really of import. it is to assist clients in puting ends and being successful in life. The assistant is to supply the client with the necessary resources. while maintaining the client information confidential at all times in the assisting procedure. THE ASSESSMENT PROCESS 6 Reference McClam. T. . & A ; Woodside. M. ( 2012 ) . The Helping Procedure: Appraisal to Termination. Belmont. Calcium: Brooks/Cole.

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