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Published: 2021-07-01 06:21:34
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Self presentation When you meet someone for the first time, it comes to your mind a certain impression about him or her. On the other side, that person also takes a certain impression about you. This impression might be positive or negative. It depends on how you present yourself to others. Unfortunately, the first impression is sometimes unfair because the person you meet for the first time may take a wrong impression about you. For example, my friend told me that before we became close friends, she was thinking that I am arrogant, but when she became close to me, she discovered that she took a wrong impression about me.
In fact, I am not sociable and I don't take the initiative in getting to know others. That is why those who do not know me well think i am arrogant, but that is not true about me. The first impression whether it is true or not may affect the way you treat people and how they treat you forever. For example, I fall in love with someone. When we first meet each other, he told me that he belongs to the royal family. Later, I discovered that he was lying to me. I know that he is from the upper class and he belongs to a prominent family, so there was no need to lie about his family name.
Actually, because of this lie, I took an impression about him that he is not trustworthy, so we broke up. In most cases, the first impression lasts forever, so you should present yourself in a good image. To make others take a good impression about you, you must consider the following; First, be yourself. Don't tell anything that is not true about you. Show your real personality. Second, take care of your appearance. Your dress should be clean and appropriate to the customs of society in which you live. Moreover, be careful in your appointments.

If you attend the meeting on time, you will get others’ respect because it shows that you care about them. In addition, smile to your audience, keep eye contact when you speak and listen and Speak clearly to let your audience understand what you say. Furthermore, choose your words which express what you want to say correctly. In short, we all should present ourselves in the right way to let others take a good impression about us in order to make relationships last longer. Samira Said Al Hajri. Assignment 1. Social psychology_D1.

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