Segmentation – a Brief Analysis of Facial Creams

Published: 2021-07-01 07:06:01
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The creative brief c. Look at the Sepals ad ND formulate backwards the positioning. Task 4: Debriefing: Take the case of the client brief of ANT (National Authority for Tourism) and imagine that you are an account person and put all the questions that you would put to a client within a debriefing session in order to clarify yourself so that you can come up with a creative brief. Task 5: Communication channels - Identify relevant communication channels for Avoidance Passport service and define what would be the role of each one in a communication campaign aiming to increase subscription of this service.
Task 1 - Sony Triton- Formulate the Position Backwards [Target/need] To mime, entertainment. _Sony_Trillion_ people that watch TV as a means of Information. Spending is the brand of TV sets competitive framework] competing designed by Sony [perceptual mostly with other brands counterclaiming TV sets, as well as with other image- sharing equipment (videophone's, recorders, computers). That best satisfies your need [brand benefit] for brightness and clarity of the portrayed image The reason why is 1 .
ART crystal-clear image at an affordable price 2. ROW it is based on a technological innovation - "triton" which is used specifically for a clearer and brighter image. I en Drank contracted Is reality. Brighter, clearer image , more vivid and resembling Competition a. Formulate the positioning of top 5 players on anti-aging face cream market as you can understand it from their communication in 2008 / 2009. B. Draw up 3: Briefing: Look at the ad named Maxillae and imagine backwards the following: a.

Task 2 - Anti-Aging Cream - Formulate the Position Backwards The 5 brands which I will be discussing are: ; Naive QUOI Plus - anti-aging cream, based on commence QUOI for daily or night time usage. This is an anti-aging product, used by both males(Naive Men) and women, with both day and night time editions based on the same key ingredient - commence QUOI, at an affordable price. Product Pop: contains commence QUOI ; Given Power Youth - cream designed for the first signs of aging , based on natural ingredients and for a smoother, more hydrated effect of the skin. This is a cream which most women use regularly, during day time.
Consumer Pop: natural ingredients ; La Prairie Anti-Aging Complex Cellular Intervention Cream - advanced anti-aging cream, includes collagen in addition to retinal and hydroxyl acids to reduce the appearance of lines. A more luxurious product, with an estimated price of 200$/ ounce. Product Pop: collagen addition, retinal and hydroxyl acids Task 2 - Anti-Aging Cream - Formulate the Position Backwards ;Erne Laszlo Timeless Skin Age - anti-aging cream appropriate for all skin types. Minimizes under-eye disconsolation, reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, eliminates cow's feet and fine dry lines in eye zone.
Formulated with Marine Collagen Complex and vitamins to reduce lines and signs of fatigue. A cream for mass- consumption. Consumer Pop: marine natural ingredients to reduce lines caused by fatigue ; Clique Anti-Gravity Firming Lift Cream - the cream lifts and firms up skin. Helps erase the looks of lines as it tightens. Renews elasticity by rebuilding natural collagen. Adds cushion into thinning skin through patent-pending technology. This is a cream witch women use mostly during night-time, at an affordable price. Product pop: contains a self-registered formula designed to create a special cushion into skin tangling Ana telling.
Task 2 - Anti-Aging Cream - Naive QUOI Plus [Target/need] To modern, dynamic and always on the move women that seek a youthful and Jovial aspect in their skin tone and texture, approximately from 35-4 years old. Is the brand of skin-care, anti-wrinkles cream [perceptual competitive framework] omitting mostly with other brands counterclaiming skin _Naive QUOI Plus _ care products (creams, serums) , as well as with other products which aim at reducing the signs of aging - natural or chemical substances, medical interventions, additional ways of achieving the same result (massage, a particular diet).

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