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Plan Outline * 1. 0 Executive Summary * 2. 0 Situation Analysis * 3. 0 Marketing Strategy * 4. 0 Marketing Mix * Pricing * Promotion * Advertising * Public Relations * Direct Marketing * Web Plan * Website Goals * Website Marketing Strategy * Development Requirements * Website Milestones * Implementation Schedule * Milestones * Funding Plan * Funding Strategy * Funding Process * Funding Account Plan * Funding Pipeline * 5. 0 Financials * 6. 0 Controls Executive Summary 1. 0 Executive Summary
All4Sports is a tax-exempt not-for-profit organization that provides the community with a complete youth sports program. All4Sports offers participants from kindergarten to high school positive learning and team experiences along with the opportunity to create life-long memories. All4Sports continues to be the premier provider of youth sports experiences, and seeks to make this experience affordable and available for all interested participants. This is done through a series of successful undraising activities, the role of the fundraising Foundation, and a solid financial approach to managing these resources. All4Sports now serves more than 24,000 participants in seven sports throughout the Jackson County area with additional youth participating on an out-of-district basis. Ongoing efforts are in place to continue to improve the quality and integrity of the program. The success of these efforts has been documented through studies that confirm the positive perception of the program within the Jackson County area. Major challenges face All4Sports for the future.
These include the uncertainties brought on by property tax changes, facility and capital requirements, the impact of alternative programs, and volunteer training and educational needs, to name a few. The Board of Directors, staff, and volunteers continue to work toward providing a quality experience in the most effective and efficient manner possible with optimism for the future of this exceptional organization. Situation Analysis 2. 0 Situation Analysis The need for youth sports programs is validated and magnified by information that attributes long-term value to participants in these programs.

Numerous studies document the direct value of youth participation in sports. These studies indicate a direct correlation demonstrating that involvement in sports results in reducing the potential to become involved in drugs, sex, crime, and gang-related behaviors. Research indicates the economic, social and personal value of "investing" in the lives of children in a positive and constructive manner avoids the social and penal system costs that may later result. To meet this need, All4Sports offers an experience that serves as a personal "sports reference" for participants throughout their lives.
These important benefits continue to validate the All4Sports concept. 2. 1 Market Needs The initial reasons for All4Sports remain constant. School-sponsored sports programs are severely limited in terms of age and range of events. Based on a recent study, 59% of the people in the Jackson County area surveyed believe the public school system fails to meet their sports experience expectations. Driven by economics, most notably with the passage of state legislation limiting school funding, many sports programs have not survived increasing economic pressures on the public school system.
Property tax modifications may further impede the public school system's ability to offer any more than the most basic classroom experiences. All4Sports seeks to serve all interested children from kindergarten through high school regardless of what the school they attend offers. There are absolutely no expectations regarding skill or experience, only the desire to participate. The All4Sports program is orchestrated to make this experience as accessible and affordable as possible to this audience. 2. 2 The Market
All4Sports provides valuable team and social experiences for the increasing population of public, private, and home-schooled youth. All4Sports offers young people the opportunity to participate in a variety of team sports throughout the calendar year. Beginning in kindergarten, these experiences provide a source of recreation and simultaneously improve athletic skills, health and fitness as they offer experiences in teamwork, sportsmanship, fair play, cooperation and leadership. Increased self confidence is just one of the many intangible benefits this program offers. Market Analysis Market Analysis| | 2006| 2007| 2008| 2009| 2010| | Potential Customers| Growth| | | | | | CAGR| Public School Students| 6%| 1,947| 2,064| 2,188| 2,319| 2,458| 6. 00%| Private School Students| 9%| 388| 423| 461| 502| 547| 8. 97%| Home School Students| 17%| 107| 125| 146| 171| 200| 16. 93%| Total| 7. 03%| 2,442| 2,612| 2,795| 2,992| 3,205| 7. 03%| Market Analysis (Pie) 2. 2. 1 Market Demographics Market Geographics - All4Sports serves the Jackson County area with a total population in excess of 170,000 people. With a majority of participants from Medford, the program also has participation from surrounding communities, ncluding Central Point, Jacksonville, White City, and Ashland. Market Demographics - An estimated 45% of households in this area contain children under the age of 18. Each of these households averages 2. 1 children. Therefore, an estimated 39,000 children under the age of 18 are potential All4Sports participants. This number is determined annually from grade school enrollment within the areas served. Past data indicates that the highest level of participation occurs after Grade 2. Participation begins to drop in the middle school years, with a significant reduction in participation at Grade 9.
A total of 59% of the participants are male and 41% female. Boys dominate football and girls dominate volleyball. These percentages constantly change due to trends in choice of sports, other alternatives offered in the market place, and other factors impacting participation and availability of these experiences. Market Psychographics - One of the most typical profiles of families interested in this type of program can be described by the following: * The parent/guardian works full-time in a traditional "8 to 5" schedule. * They have more than one child living at home. They are relatively active in their child's life, but feel they have limited time. * They value the physical and social experience their child receives more than actual sports and skill-development aspects of the experience. Market Behaviors - All4Sports continues to enjoy a positive perception within the community. Studies report solid support of the concept and purpose of the organization and an awareness of the problems inherent in a program that involves thousands of volunteers. Based on recently conducted research, more than 86% of the population in Jackson County area has some awareness of All4Sports.
Most people report they are familiar with All4Sports through knowing a young person who has participated in an All4Sports program. Individual awareness levels are highest among adults in the 25-54 age range, and business owners and managers have a 93% awareness level. More than 82% of this group considers our program to have a positive influence on youth and a potential deterrent to violence and other anti-social behavior. This is one of the primary reasons people continue to support this program. Market Demographics Market Demographics| | | | | | Market Segments| Everyone gets to play! | Dominant Gender| Lead Sport| Multi-Programs| Out-of-Area| Public School Students| Be part of the competition! | Male 51%| Soccer| 0. 12| 0. 05| Private School Students| Join the team! | Male 54%| Basketball| 0. 28| 0. 08| Home School Students| Grade 1-12| Female 52%| Soccer| 0. 54| 0. 14| 2. 2. 2 Market Trends The significant market trends are as follows: * Diminishing financial support at all grade levels form public schools to facilitate sports activities for students. Increasing demands from children and their families to offer sports experiences at early ages, beginning at kindergarten. * Heightened awareness of the positive correlation with involvement in sports and reduced potential for involvement in violent activities. * Increasing interest from corporations to sponsor and support these types of community activities when they receive attribution for this involvement. Market Analysis (Trends) 2. 2. 3 Market Growth The program has experienced an average annual participation growth rate of 6% for the past five years.
This is indicative of the growing needs of the market we serve. Based on school attendance projections, we expect to experience increased participation growth between 9% and 11% annually over the next three years. The most dramatic growth is expected in the soccer programs, which have an equal mix of boys and girls, with relatively static participation expected in most other sports. These trends are monitored, and to the degree possible, used to help predict future program demands. Market Analysis (C. A. G. R) 2. 3 The Company
All4Sports is a tax-exempt, not-for-profit organization dedicated to presenting sports opportunities that are an integral part of each participant's learning experience. This is done with the belief that every child should be able to participate in the program of his or her choice regardless of race, religion, creed, gender, ability, or financial status. This spirit is fostered in an environment where everyone has a chance to play and learn, regardless of skill. All4Sports' long-term goal is to give its participants positive life-long memories of their youth sports experience. . 3. 1 Mission All4Sports is dedicated to providing all youth with the highest quality education and team experience through sports participation. Participants are treated with respect through the opportunity to experience growth in the areas of interacting with others, teamwork, sportsmanship, fair play, and skill development. The goal is to create a positive environment that fosters improved self-confidence and self-esteem through experiences in sports activities. 2. 3. 2 Service Offering The "All4Sports experience" is designed to offer the following to each participant:. Recreation through participation in organized team sports. * The opportunity to learn and experience a variety of sports. * A means to improve athletic skills. * A means to learn teamwork, sportsmanship, and fair play. * A source of fun and enjoyment to enrich their lives. * An opportunity to enhance their health and fitness. The parents and guardians of the participants also realize benefits. They are able to offer their children a positive, well-supervised experience as they learn the skills described above that does not necessarily require their time. 2. 3. 3 Positioning
All4Sports offers a unique experience for children that want to to have an enjoyable sports experience. All youth between the ages of 5 and 18 can participate in one or more sports throughout the year. Their participation is not dependent upon their previous experience, skill level, or athletic ability. Everyone can play. The breadth, depth and overall quality of the sports experience we offer cannot be matched within our market. We work with parents and guardians to add to their child's sports experiences. All4Sports exists to create a cherished childhood memory for each participant. . 3. 4 SWOT Summary The following outlines the most significant strengths and weaknesses internal to All4Sports, and the opportunities and threats that exist in our environment. Our objective is to leverage our strengths to take advantage of the opportunities our market presents, develop those areas that are weaknesses, and devise contingency plans to address threats if those should become a reality. 2. 3. 4. 1 Strengths The following outlines key strengths of the organization: Program Reputation - All4Sports is considered to be the premier choice for youth sports related experiences.
There is now a generation of participants that send their children to participate in the program. Donor Base - We have developed a stable and loyal donor base from both private and corporate sources. Facilities Relationships - We depend on access to athletic facilities including gyms, soccer fields, football fields, softball and baseball fields. Close relationships and reciprocal maintenance agreements with public and private schools and church facilities are an invaluable asset to the organization. The Internet - Our website, www. all4sports. om, promises to be a significant technological solution for All4Sports in the area of registration, communication, and information delivery. The website has demonstrated the ability to provide more extensive and current information at reduced costs. We can reduce the need for printed materials, voice mail communication equipment, and staff payroll time. It has also allowed us to reallocate volunteer hours to better serve our program. 2. 3. 4. 2 Weaknesses Capital Requirements - All4Sports continues to make impressive improvements in the management of financial resources.
Additional funds are needed to maintain the quality of the experiences offered and meet future program demands. The Fundraising Foundation's strategy is to provide significant financial resources for All4Sports. The future depends on these resources in addition to revenues from participants and traditional fundraising events. Facilities - Our need for facilities is growing beyond what is now available. This is one of the most urgent challenges facing All4Sports. This essential component is threatened from several aspects.
Increasing program needs, combined with recent restrictions and fees for the use of public school facilities, is an issue. Indoor facilities are virtually at capacity for basketball and volleyball games and tournaments. They are insufficient to support flexible and convenient practice schedules. Outdoor facilities are adequate, but the increasing demands of soccer presents concerns in this area as well. New and innovative alternatives must be explored and implemented to provide additional facilities to support the demands of the program.
One alternative is to form "alliances" with public facilities to take on the management and maintenance of these facilities in exchange for scheduled use. Other potential options may include establishing relationships with private schools, churches and other institutions with available gym space. For example, successful experiences have occurred where All4Sports has taken the lead in the development and maintenance of outdoor fields on property owned by other not-for-profit organizations. Training and Education for Coaches and Officials - Individuals often have their first coaching experience with All4Sports.
This presents the need to adequately train these individuals to enable them to better understand All4Sports' philosophy, their responsibilities, potential liability issues, and appropriate behavior with participants. A more positive experience for participants, coaches and officials with an increased awareness of responsibilities are some of the goals. The resource demands of this training effort are tremendous. Staff Challenges and Attrition - The All4Sports' staff experiences tremendous pressure due to workloads, dealing with parents, and addressing the issues of the program.
These factors, combined with concerns regarding compensation, have resulted in undesirable turnover in important positions. 2. 3. 4. 3 Opportunities All4Sports competes for resources in a community with a high number of not-for-profit organizations per capita. Numerous organizations target personal and corporate dollars to augment other revenue sources. Based on this challenge, All4Sports must continue to demonstrate that it successfully offers a meaningful experience to participants, with short and long-term benefits, in a manner that effectively meets community needs.
The following summarizes potential opportunities: Geographic Serving Area Issues - All4Sports continues to be a precedent-setting organization that attracts attention from surrounding communities. Decisions regarding the serving area will impact financial requirements and potentially open new revenue opportunities. This growth strategy must be managed and orchestrated in a manner that will add strength to the program. Soccer Interest - Soccer is the single fastest growing sport in terms of participation.
With some participation trade-offs with boy's football, this increasing interest in soccer is the most predominant reason for program growth and has added a more even balance to gender participation. There is an increasing demand for indoor soccer programs. Program Expansion - Program expansion also requires consideration and evaluation. This may include adding sports to the current venue or looking at offering these sports to older age groups, potentially including adult sports programs. Community Education - All4Sports must continue to tell its story to the community it serves.
This message is one that reinforces the philosophy and the purpose for its existence. A well-informed community may effectively ensure public facilities are available for use based on reasonable expectations placed on All4Sports. 2. 3. 4. 4 Threats The major challenges All4Sports currently face include the following:. Property Tax Changes - The impact of property tax modifications on the public school systems, their support of sports programs, and their willingness to provide their facilities for use by All4Sports has not been determined.
The precise ramifications of this measure may not be known for months, but all potential outcomes must be considered as plans are made for the coming year. Alternative Programs - The increasing impact from other programs, ranging from organization-sponsored to club sports, poses a threat to a segment of All4Sports' market. These organizations target the highly skilled and committed players and coaches and are eroding the depth and breadth of All4Sports' participant and coach resources. Legal and Liability Issues - All4Sports continues to be exposed to liability issues in many aspects of the experience it provides.
The potential concerns range from health and safety issues to various forms of verbal or physical abuse. In an increasingly litigious society, there is always potential for legal action. The "Elite/Advanced" Sports Dilemma - Providing competitive environments for athletes with higher skill levels who seek to be in an intentionally competitive arena is in question. The threat of not offering this option is that these athletes may be drawn away from All4Sports by alternative programs. Some of the most highly trained and experienced coaches can also be attracted to these other programs.
This issue challenges some of All4Sports' most basic philosophies. 2. 4 Competition A number of other programs offer youth sports experiences. None of these programs offers the extensive range of experiences or infrastructure of All4Sports. Some programs do, however, offer specific attributes some participants and parents find attractive. This is particularly true for those who seek a higher level of competition and competitive screening of participants. 2. 4. 1 Direct Competition Direct competitors to All4Sports include: * Babe Ruth Baseball/American Legion Baseball Southern Oregon Volleyball * Rogue Valley Athletic Club Volleyball * AAU Basketball * YMCA Basketball * ASA Softball * Oregon Youth Soccer * AYSO Soccer * National Gymnastics Academy Other programs are also available through schools and other organizations. Although some variables are now in place, there are questions regarding the future of indoor soccer organizations. All4Sports possesses a commanding percentage of the total market share. This is based on the estimated number of participants compared to participation levels in other programs, both public and private.
This share percentage drops in high school due to increased competition from other organizations as well as in-school programs offered through the public school system. Growth and Share Analysis Growth and Share| | | | | Competitor| Price| Growth Rate| Market Share| All4Sports| $85| 7%| 75%| Babe Ruth Baseball| $120| 3%| 2%| So. Oregon Volleyball| $150| 5%| 3%| AAU Basketball| $90| 4%| 5%| ASA Softball| $95| 2%| 5%| Oregon Youth Soccer| $110| 22%| 4%| AYSO Soccer| $105| 22%| 5%| | | | | Average| $107. 86| 9. 29%| 14. 14%| Total| $755. 00| 65. 00%| 99. 00%| Competitive Analysis Competitive Analysis| | | | | | | | #1| #2| #3| #4| #5| #6| Competitor| Babe Ruth Baseball| So. Ore. Volleyball| AAU Basketball| ASA Softball| Or. Youth Soccer| AYSO Soccer| | | | | | | | Product and/or Service| Babe Ruth Baseball| So. Ore. Volleyball| AAU Basketball| ASA Softball| Or. Youth Soccer| AYSO Soccer| Quality| 6| 7| 6| 5| 8| 8| Selection| 3| 3| 3| 3| 3| 3| Price| 7| 2| 7| 6| 8| 7| Scheduling| 6| 3| 8| 9| 7| 6| | | | | | | | Location and Physical Appearance| Babe Ruth Baseball| So. Ore. Volleyball| AAU Basketball| ASA Softball| Or. Youth Soccer| AYSO Soccer| Facilities| 8| 4| 5| 6| 8| 4| Equipment| 4| 4| 6| 7| 5| 6|
Coaching| 8| 5| 5| 9| 4| 5| Convenience Factors| 6| 6| 7| 8| 2| 8| Other| 0| 0| 0| 0| 0| 0| | | | | | | | Added Value Factors| Babe Ruth Baseball| So. Ore. Volleyball| AAU Basketball| ASA Softball| Or. Youth Soccer| AYSO Soccer| Parent/Guardian Communication| 2| 5| 5| 8| 5| 6| Experience| 4| 7| 7| 6| 3| 8| Expertise| 5| 6| 5| 6| 3| 9| Reputation| 6| 8| 7| 9| 5| 9| Image| 6| 6| 6| 9| 6| 6| Stability| 3| 5| 5| 6| 5| 6| Strategic Alliances| 2| 2| 2| 6| 8| 5| Other| 0| 0| 0| 0| 0| 0| | | | | | | | Other Marketing Activities| Babe Ruth Baseball| So. Ore. Volleyball| AAU Basketball| ASA Softball| Or.
Youth Soccer| AYSO Soccer| Communications| 5| 5| 5| 5| 5| 5| Scholarships| 2| 8| 5| 4| 4| 6| Promotion| 2| 8| 2| 5| 4| 6| Facilitiy Relationships| 9| 5| 6| 9| 9| 5| Loyalty Components| 5| 5| 6| 8| 9| 9| Other| 0| 0| 0| 0| 0| 0| Total| 99| 104| 108| 134| 111| 127| Competitor by Growth and Share 2. 4. 2 Indirect Competition In a broad sense, All4Sports competes with all other after-school and extracurricular programs that do not involve sports. School theater programs and local arts programs compete for attendance to their programs and funding from parents and other organizations.
While All4Sports does not predict a change in popularity of sports and the percentage of students who participate in sports programs in comparison to arts programs, it is a possibility in the future that trends could favor these alternative programs. All4Sports continues to compete with these programs by offering a fun and fulfilling sports experience for everyone involved. Marketing Strategy 3. 0 Marketing Strategy All4Sports strives to be the premier provider of sports experiences for children in the areas served.
Programs are in place to simultaneously serve the needs of out-of-district participants in a manner that is positive for these participants and enhances revenue streams for All4Sports with minimal additional costs. The marketing strategy attempts to successfully communicate the unique value the program offers participants. This strategy redirects the focus from the "cost" issue to the benefits that participants and their guardians experience from involvement in the program. The marketing strategy will continue to identify the needs of the market and communicate with this audience in the most effective and positive manner possible.
Ongoing efforts continually attempt to understand how All4Sports can maintain the quality and integrity of the program within the finite financial resources of participants and the community of donors and supporters. This challenge is increasing. As costs continue to increase in a number of areas, the demands and expectations of the participants and their parents do as well. All4Sports is constantly working to improve the program through improvements and changes in its structure and implementation. Quality and efficiency are just two goals of these changes.
The growth strategy is based on continued attention to the quality of the experience in conjunction with identifying opportunities to expand the participation of the programs where possible. Recent changes in key areas, such as the facilities used for events, present ominous challenges for all aspects of the program. 3. 1 Value Proposition All4Sports does much more than simply provide access to sports for children, it provides the significant benefits that are associated with children's involvement in sports programs. These benefits include reducing the likelihood of children becoming involved in drugs, crime and other illicit behavior.
Research indicates the economic, social and personal value of "investing" in the lives of children in a positive and constructive manner avoids the social and penal system costs that may later result. To meet this need, All4Sports offers an experience that serves as a personal "sports reference" for participants throughout their lives. These important benefits continue to validate the All4Sports concept. 3. 2 Critical Issues Our strengths are impressive. Our weaknesses are identified and have potential solutions. All4Sports could be described as in a "speculative" situation.
We are presented with numerous opportunities and also have threats that present a level of risk. However, we have a chance to experience large returns on our efforts if we can continue to capture the largest market share and are not negatively impacted by the alternative programs in our market. We are well positioned in the market. We have the ability to continue to offer the greatest value and we take advantage of our economies of scale. The critical issues include the following: * Continuing to offer programs that are perceived to be positive, enriching, and affordable compared to the alternatives in our area. Attract participants on a return basis throughout their kindergarten through their high-school years. * Be perceived by public, private, and home schooling providers as a valuable resource that complements the academic experiences they offer. 3. 3 Financial Objectives 1. Raise a minimum of $575,000 through non-participation fees from sources including donations, contributions, special events, gifts-in-kind, and grants. 2. Increase corporate donations and contributions to exceed 12% of the total revenues. 3. Accomplish our program goals within the allocated budget of $1,510,000. 3. Marketing Objectives The objective is to provide this valuable experience to as many children as possible in a positive and supportive manner. A positive, constructive and meaningful experience is the sought-after result of the All4Sports experience. This experience may assist individuals to better understand the necessary skills that life demands and empower them to realize the choices and options available to them. 1. Provide a positive experience to 27,500 youth through the current academic year and enable their parent/guardian to appreciate the value of this experience for their child. 2.
Accomplish our program goals within the allocated budget of $1,510,000. 3. Expand the program to two new schools within our serving area by August, prior to the next academic year. 3. 5 Target Market Strategy The target market for All4Sports continues to be youth between the ages of 5 and 18 who have some interest in participating in competitive sports. This may be their first organized sports experience, and All4Sports strives to make it the most positive and successful experience possible. Another area of the target market focuses on addressing the growing interest and demands for outdoor and indoor soccer. . 6 Messaging The core message of All4Sports is one of value: All4Sports teaches children and families the value of physical fitness, sportsmanship, practice, and teamwork through sports and activities. All4Sports fine-tunes its message depending on the target market while keeping the core message intact. 3. 6. 1 Branding The All4Sports brand communicates our complete commitment to sports and to the children and families that are served by the organization. The brand embodies the values that we believe sports participation instills in children and also communicates to sponsors our communicates to supporting hose values in the community. The All4Sports brand is included on banners at all of our sporting events and on uniforms. This branding is used to remind parents and others at sporting events that the events are funded by All4Sports and that All4Sports is the predominant source for youth sports in the region. Target Market Messaging Target Market Messaging| | | Market Segments| Messaging| Public School Students| More options, more possibilities, more resources| Private School Students| Get out and play! | Home School Students| New friends, new opportunities| 3. 7 Strategy Pyramids
All4Sports focuses on achieving success in these four basic areas with the resources available to our program: * Equal opportunity to participate, regardless of skill level. * A wholesome, positive, safe, and value-oriented atmosphere in which participants learn teamwork, sportsmanship and interactive skills. * An acceptable outlet for youthful energy. * A broad variety of sports experiences to further develop self-esteem and personal confidence. STRATEGY #1 Program Expansion Tactic #1-A School expansion * Program 1-A New school campaign * Program 1-B Jacksonville campaign Tactic #1-B "All4Soccer" * Program 2-A School presentations Program 2-B Free soccer clinics * Program 2-C Participation in high school regional soccer play-offs * Program 2-D Special needs scholarship program STRATEGY #2 Fundraising Tactic #2-A Corporate donor base * Program 1-A "Taking Care of Donors" Committee * Program 1-B Corporate contact program Tactic #2-B Special Events * Program 2-A Taste of Medford to add Spring event * Program 2-B Grant application program focus Marketing Mix 4. 0 Marketing Mix While All4Sports is a non-profit organization, we must continue to devote a portion of our budget to promotion to continue to ensure broad participation in the sporting programs that we offer.
Strong participation ensures that All4Sports can create leagues in every sport so that good and varied competition can be offered. Strong participation also means that All4Sports can offer sporting programs to all skill levels across a broad spectrum of programs, ensuring that anyone who wants to participate can participate. The All4Sports marketing mix consists of a pricing strategy that fosters participation while adequately funding operations and a promotion strategy that ensures continued participation in our programs. 4. 1 Pricing
All4Sports strives to minimize costs for all participants to ensure that everyone who wants to participate in sporting programs has an opportunity to do so. 4. 2 Promotion All4Sports' promotion strategy is a three-pronged approach of advertising, public relations and direct marketing. Because All4Sports has a limited marketing budget, All4Sports will take a more grass-routes approach and leverage PR and volunteers to assist with marketing to our target audiences. 4. 2. 1 Advertising All4Sports does not have a large advertising budget and will not be advertising in the TV or radio media.
Instead, All4Sports will focus on more highly-targeted campaigns to reach students and parents where they are most: school. All4Sports will print flyers and brochures to be left at all area schools and will also provide them to school Physical Education instructors so that the brochures can be passed on to students. In addition, All4Sports will schedule demonstrations at area schools in cooperation with PE teachers to expose students to sports that they might not have seen before, such as lacrosse. Additional brand awareness and advertising will come in the form of banners at All4Sports' sporting events and logos on our team uniforms.
This will ensure that any parents or students watching the events will know where to go to participate. Finally, All4Sports will run limited newspaper campaigns during the sign-up periods at the beginning of each sporting season to attract new participants. Advertising Milestones Milestones| | | | | | | Advertising| Start Date| End Date| Budget| Manager| Department| Brochure Design| 1/4/2006| 1/15/2006| $200| Eric| Design| Newspaper Ad Design| 1/15/2006| 1/30/2006| $200| Eric| Design| Printing| 9/5/2006| 12/1/2006| $2,500| Eric| Design|
Newspaper Ad - Spring| 3/1/2006| 3/30/2006| $800| Cindy| Staff| Newspaper Ad - Summer| 5/1/2006| 5/30/2006| $800| Cindy| Staff| Newspaper Ad - Fall| 8/1/2006| 8/30/2006| $800| Cindy| Staff| Other| 12/1/2006| 12/1/2006| $0| N/A| N/A| Total Advertising Budget| | | $5,300| | | 4. 2. 2 Public Relations Leveraging local public relations resources is key to All4Sports' promotion strategy. All4Sports will alert local TV networks and newspapers to championship games and all-star athletes in the programs in the hopes of generating local coverage and student profiles.
In addition, press releases will be issued announcing new programs and exceptional achievements by local athletes involved in All4Sports programs. PR Milestones Milestones| | | | | | | PR| Start Date| End Date| Budget| Manager| Department| New Programs Press Release| 3/15/2006| 1/15/2006| $80| Jan| Marketing| Winter Season Highlights Pitch| 3/1/2006| 3/30/2006| $0| Jan| Marketing| Other| 1/1/2006| 1/15/2006| $0| ABC| Department| Total PR Budget| | | $80| | | 4. 2. 3 Direct Marketing As new families move to the area, it is important that All4Sports establish contact so that parents and students are aware of the offerings available.
To reach these families, All4Sports will use a direct marketing strategy of leaving leaflets and flyers in mailboxes and recruit volunteers to call families to describe the programs offered. Direct Marketing Milestones Milestones| | | | | | Direct Marketing| Start Date| End Date| Budget| Department| New Family Contact Program| 1/1/2006| 9/30/2006| $0| Marketing| Other| 1/1/2006| 1/15/2006| $0| Department| Total Direct Marketing Budget| | | $0| | 4. 3 Web Plan The All4Sports website will be an information hub and reduce the logistics required to sign-up students for programs during each season.
While the investment to get the site up and running will be significant from a time perspective, it will pay off by reducing the number of phone calls to the All4Sports administrative office and it will reduce overall administrative costs by automating portions of the sign-up process. 4. 3. 1 Website Goals The All4Sports website has two goals: 1. To serve as an information hub for participants in the various programs. The site will be used to communicate practice times, game times and locations, and scores and other highlights from games.
In addition, site users will be able to sign up for the All4Sports email newsletter to receive weekly updates of scores, program updates and general All4Sports announcements. 2. To reduce administrative costs by automating portions of the program sign-up process. The All4Sports web site will allow students and parents to sign-up for various programs. By collecting this information electronically, All4Sports will reduce the amount of double-data-entry and facilitate the process of managing a large number of applications. 4. 3. 2 Website Marketing Strategy
All4Sports will communicate the existance of the web site in all printed material and on the automated phone system at the All4Sports office. 4. 3. 3 Development Requirements The All4Sports web site will be custom designed and developed to manage the unique needs of the organization. Some development time will be donated from a local web site design and development company in exchange for some marketing on the web site itself. Web development will be in two phases that correspond with the website goals: 1. Basic communication platform.
This phase of web development will build the informational portion of the web site that will allow for easy posting of team schedules and game results. 2. Application submission platform. This second phase will develop the database and submission process that will allow participants to join sporting programs online and allow for the program coordinators to access those applications and process them. 4. 4 Implementation Schedule The following chart and table identify the key marketing programs. Dates and budgets are specified, and the "Chairpeople" are informed of the programs. We will track plan-vs. actual results for each of these programs and evaluate them at our quarterly Board of Directors meetings. If necessary, the programs will be revised if we discover they are not accomplishing the intended goal. Milestones | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | 4. 5 Funding Plan Outside funding is critical to All4Sports' future success.
All4Sports will focus on corporate sponsors, local fundraising with parents, and government grants. All4Sports aims to raise 30% of funding from corporate sponsors, 30% from grants, and 40% from individuals in the community. 4. 5. 1 Funding Strategy Corporate fundraising and grant writing will be handled by All4Sports staff internally. All4Sports will target corporate sponsors and offer them individual sport sponsorship that could involve anything from purchasing uniforms and equipment to cash sponsorship for more general use within the All4Sports organization.
Fundraising from individuals will be coordinated by internal stuff, but will rely heavily on volunteers to run fundraising events. Fundraising events will include standards such as bake sales and car washes. All4Sports will also directly solicit additional donations from parents in addition to basic membership fees. 4. 5. 2 Funding Process Corporate funding and grant writing meetings will occur once a month to review status, possible funding in the pipeline, and status of grant applications. Potential funding sources will be identified using the local chamber of commerce directory.
We will contact them directly to seek sponsorship and will present to them the branding opportunities as well as the benefits that All4Sports provides to the community. Follow up calls will be scheduled 1 week and again 1 month after the initial meetings. Internally, we will schedule regular fund raising events for the community. These will usually occur at the beginning of each sports season and special events will be held to raise money for individual trips and events. Funding Account Plan | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |
Funding Pipeline | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | Financials 5. 0 Financials All4Sports is committed to balancing its operating budget and operating on a solid financial foundation. These efforts are based on a mixture of fundraising, charitable gifting, tournaments, and fees. Just as revenues are tracked, internal expenses are closely monitored. The goal of All4Sports is to continue to provide a quality youth sports experience at an affordable cost.
This is a tremendous challenge, due to the size of the program, unpredictable costs in areas such as facilities, and uncertainties in participant revenues. All4Sports is intentionally emphasizing the need to reduce reliance on fee-based revenues and look toward contributions from other sources, particularly businesses, to support the program. This approach will enable the program to realize the objective of keeping fees affordable while continuing to offer a quality program for all participants. All4Sports has an independent auditor's report conducted annually that includes financial statements and additional information.
The following information is based on the prior two Independent Auditor's Reports. The following summarizes key facts regarding the financial status of All4Sports and its results from last year: * Revenues last year totaled $1,732,658. * A total of 65% of those revenues are from Participation Fees, Donations and Contributions, Special Events, and Gifts-in-Kind. * - Supervision Grants account for a combined 34%. * Expenses for last year were $366 over revenues. * "People-related" expenditures represent 47% of expenditures. * Non-program operations account for 9% of the total expenditures. . 1 Break-even Analysis Our break-even analysis is based on the ongoing overhead costs we incur to keep the doors of All4Sports open. Fixed costs including the building lease, payroll, utilities, and marketing costs are an estimated $10,250. This number level is due to our dependence on volunteers to run our program. Our assumptions on the average unit revenue are based on the average participant fee. The result of this analysis offers general insight regarding the number of average participants we must have involved in the program each month. Break-even Analysis . 2 Funding Forecast Monthly revenues for this calendar year will fluctuate based on the seasonality of the sports offered and the projected level of participation in each sport. The forecasted revenues range from a dramatic low of $16,535 in September as schools are getting started, to a high of $115,360 in November with the Fall Soccer, Tackle Football, and Volleyball seasons overlapping. Donor Drive - The Donor Drive effort depends on the commitment of key volunteers to raise funds through corporate and individual contributors throughout the area.
This includes leveraging the resources of corporate sponsors and initiating an Adopt-A-School Scholarship Fund Sponsors program where businesses are partnered with specific schools. Sponsors and Donors are recognized in numerous ways for the valuable role they play in the organization. A Taste of Medford - All4Sports has created a culinary tradition with the fundraising event "A Taste of Medford. " Restaurants from throughout the area come together to offer a taste of their menu, and businesses and individuals pay admission to sample their cuisine throughout the evening.
Since its inception, this highly publicized event has become an annual highlight and a financial success for more than a decade. This is due to continued public appeal, corporate sponsorships, and experienced volunteer leadership. Value Checks - Since 1993, All4Sports T-ball, baseball, and softball participants have sold these sought-after coupon books. The relationship with and support of numerous businesses throughout the area also provide an effective promotional medium for marketing efforts. Grants - All4Sports continues to identify grants on a national and local basis that complement the goals and efforts of the program.
Grant sources have included the U. S. Department of Housing & Urban Development, Recreational Activities Valuing Education and Sports (RAVES), and the Willard Family Foundation. Work continues to expand the impact of the All4Sports Foundation. The recent adoption of by-laws further recognizes and empowers this entity. The Foundation will establish relationships with key individuals and organizations that desire to provide significant financial support to All4Sports on an ongoing basis. The long-term objective is to provide financial stability to support program quality and expansion and reduce dependence on program fees.
Costs associated with facilities are just one example of the need for these resources in addition to the other revenue sources for the program. 5. 2. 1 Funding by Participant Fees The following summarizes the projected revenue from participant fees on a monthly basis for the upcoming year. Note the variance based on sports season and overlapping sports. Funding Breakdown by Participant Fees Monthly 5. 2. 2 Funding by Fundraising Events Our fundraising events are a critical component to our revenue base, particularly in relation to the "Taste of Oregon" and "Value checks" efforts. Funding Breakdown by Fundraising Events Monthly . 2. 3 Funding by Donations Donations from private and corporate sources are one of the most stable and predictable sources of income. Our objective is to increase corporate contributions. Gifts-in-kind offset program costs, such as when sports equipment is donated, and goods are also supplied for the various auction events held. Funding Breakdown by Donations Monthly 5. 3 Expense Forecast Our expense budget is based on maximizing the return from our marketing and promotion efforts. We must closely monitor this return to determine what events are generating the most revenue based on the actual dollar investment.
Another resource we consider is the number of volunteer hours required, based on a "ceiling" of hours, that we have access to each year from our volunteer base. 5. 3. 1 Expense by Program Program expenses are contained due to volunteer hours. It is clear that All4Sports is a volunteer-driven organization. The work of volunteers is an integral part of All4Sports. For example, last year's programs consisted of 2,045 teams with an estimated 4,230 head and assistant coaches volunteering an estimated 300,000 hours. Based on a recent study by Anderson Research, All4Sports enjoys a positive perception among the coaches involved in the rogram. The number of teams and coaches is greater for next year and the perceptions are anticipated to be as positive. All4Sports could not survive without this invaluable and committed resource. Annual recognition programs, awards, and events are designed to acknowledge the irreplaceable roles these volunteers play. Expense Breakdown by Program Monthly 5. 3. 2 Expense by Administrative Administrative expenses are based on supporting our staff, along with temporary employees that are brought on to meet seasonal demands. Expense Breakdown by Administrative Monthly 5. 3. 3 Expense by Fundraising
Fundraising expenses relate to costs incurred to identify, communicate, and receive donations from private and corporate donors. Expense Breakdown by Fundraising Monthly 5. 4 Contribution Margin Based on past performance, our fundraising efforts are realistic. We enjoyed a $20,000 surplus last year and hope to have a similar experience in the year ahead. The challenges will be to develop greater revenue streams from corporate sponsors and to become proportionately less dependent on participation fees. This is expected to offer a more stable source of revenue for the future and reduce the efforts to secure these funds.
We expect our special-event fundraising activities and individual contributions to remain relatively constant as a percent of total revenues. The involvement of the Board of Directors and the formation of the foundation committee will be critical to our success in this area. Controls 6. 0 Controls The purpose of the All4Sports marketing plan is to serve as a guide to the staff, the Board of Directors, and the volunteers to continue to improve the organization and its ability to serve the youth of Jackson County. We must take action to accomplish our goals. Failing to implement even one of the programs could be devastating to our success. . 1 Implementation All4Sports will have weekly Milestones Meetings to review current milestone status, funding status, and status of the actual programs. For All4Sports, it's critical that there is a consistent focus on implementation in order to not only maintain strong programs, but to maintain strong relationships with funding sources. The following Funding Source Lifetime Value table shows the long-term value of our average corporate funding sources which is testament to the need for focus on implementation of both funding milestones and program quality. . 2 Keys to Success * Expand into new areas within Jackson County that desire access to All4Sports activities. * Leverage the growth offered by the increasing interest in soccer in the Fall and Spring programs. * Identify additional facilities to support future growth and offer greater flexibility in scheduling. * Continue to develop the donor base and corporate contributions that add to the financial resources of the participant fees. 6. 3 Contingency Planning
The following lists, in order of probability beginning with the highest potential for change that will impact this marketing plan, the future of All4Sports: * Major philosophy shift regarding the use of public and/or private school facilities. * The rapid growth of one of the alternative programs that significantly reduces our market share and our ability to operate one or more of our programs. * Legal action due to injury or negligence that causes severe financial damage to the organization. 6. 4 Market Research All4Sports will continue to monitor public school funding and private school ttendance to determine how to refocus promotion activities if necessary. From a funding perspective, All4Sports will monitor government grant availability and apply for new grants as they become available. 6. 5 CRM Plans In the case of All4Sports, there are two primary customers: program participants and funding sources. It is important to have a good CRM system in place to track these two groups. All4Sports will use the CRM system to track continued participation in programs and to contact students whose participation changes.
For funding sources, the CRM system will be used to track the stages of donors in the funding process and ensure that donors are contacted on a regular basis and kept up-to-date with All4Sports programs. 6. 6 Marketing Organization All4Sports fundraising is run by Doug Johnston. Doug has 15 years of fundraising experience for nonprofit groups and has written numerous successful grants. Doug has two staff assistants who help manage the fundraising process. Marketing and promotion is run by June Gibbons. June is responsible for maintaining participation in All4Sports' programs and promoting the programs to new students and families.

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