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Published: 2021-07-01 05:33:35
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To the handful of heroes I so highly regard, to choose one is a difficult task. From creative fictional works, like Indiana Jones, to very impacting historical figures, like Theodore Roosevelt, Rocky Balboa is a notable fictional character influencing my character. He is an iconic American Hero that impacts people's lives. He Is a well- known for epitomizing the underdog story and Influencing the minds and hearts of many. The depth and reliability he hold true to his values make him a superior to other characters in fictional works.
Rocky Balboa, a man of masculinity, Is hardhearted with a vulnerability that allows people to see his true self. Here Is a man of no worth who Is a victim of self-inflicted misfortune with nothing to his name, but a dream; a dream to make his life better. This feat Is not accomplished overnight, through determination, hard work, and perseverance, he Is able to make his dream a reality. HIS dream Is modest for It was to not become the best, but be able to amount to the best. He is able to go the distance and amount to something creating a Journey all can relate to. Stallion creates a character that inspires and enables the dreams of there.
He exhibits values that I want to emulate. His character is one that set an example for me. Overtime I watch a Rocky movie, he inspires me to be a better man. He is my inspiration for being a person that feels like they have no place in the world. His ability to go the distance set a precedence in my minds and heart. Rocky changed me into a better man. His actions spoke to me, making me want to go the distance. He gives me a reason to live, giving me hope. He aspires to make something of himself when he, of all people, is given a chance to make his dream a reality.

What he stands for is what I too would like to stand for. He taught me an important life lesson that impacted me so much when he said, "Life anti all about sunshine and rainbows, it's a cruel and nasty place that will beat you to your knees and leave you there if you let it; But it isn't about how hard you hit, it is about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward" (Rocky Balboa). This quote carries meaning and resonates to me. He allows me to always move forward with life. Therefore making him an inspirational fictional character for all.

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