Reflection on Culture Shock

Published: 2021-07-01 06:15:23
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Last class, the professor let us see a picture. The picture tells us unlike America, Canada likes salad; different people can go into its culture and do not need to throw its own culture, like a melting pot. I think this metaphor is very vivid. In my eyes, Canadian is more friendly and more kind than American. When I get on the bus, I see various people from different countries. And they talk about something together, very happy and harmonious. If we bump somebody at school accidentally, you will find that before you say sorry to him, he will say sorry to you. At first, I feel strange about that. I bump to him, why he doesn’t angry and say sorry to me? When I back home I ask my homestay mother, she said Canadian is very polite. If you get lost and ask a guy how to get the destination, he will tell you in detail as if he is afraid of you getting lost.

A few days ago, after I had supper in the East, I want to buy some Korea food, I know there has a supermarket near the restaurant, but I do not know how to get there. So I look around to think the way. Then a man came to me and asked: “ Can I help you? You look confused just now. Where do you want to go? ” I told him the name of the supermarket and he said follow me, I lead you there. I appreciated him and got there. So from my experience, I like this diverse cultural atmosphere, I always think that I am a lucky dog I come to this big culture family!

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