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Published: 2021-07-01 05:36:14
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Some of the pros of adding additional departments to the NACA organization would be exposing the company on a national level and empowering lower income clients in the mortgage and business processes. The pros of having an advertising department will enable us to bring in customers that may not be aware of the extensive services our company provides. By making our website more appealing it will draw people in to want to know more about what we have to offer the consumer.
We can also concentrate on commercials and billboards that will further echo our message of hope and prosperity to those who have been overlooked by mainstream mortgage companies. By implementing a department that will focus on helping minorities start their own businesses will also help rehabilitate impoverished neighborhoods. Building up low income neighborhoods not only helps the owner’s of the businesses, but it changes the perception of the area and the people in that area.
The cons that come along with adding these two departments will be the cost involved. Anytime a company wants to expand its client base there is a good chance that it means spending more money. Advertising can be very expensive, but the money is worth it if your clientele increases. An increase in clientele means an increase in revenue for the company. As far as the loans for businesses are concerned that too will eventually be a profit for the company.

The more loans that are acquired for future business ventures will be a positive for the company. A company that is involved in acquiring real estate is in a good position financially. As with any new venture it takes time to reap the rewards of new ideas and departments. If we continue to provide the services we have to our customers and make dreams of homeownership and entrepreneurship come true we will be innovative leaders in the mortgage industry.

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