Pride And Prejudice Diary Entry

Published: 2021-07-01 06:32:01
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Dear Diary,
Little did I know about Mr.Bingley and Mr.Darcy. I heard some good things about them but nothing really relevant. But it was my time to find out everything I needed to know about them at a small dinner party that someone organised. It doesn't matter how the party will be, I want to know who is going to be there, and most importantly, what will happen. I spent the whole day shopping for my dress, and some accessories. I bought a diamond necklace and I was ready to gossip about the new gentleman's in town. I enter the dinner without socialising to much, I didn't want to get distracted, I was keeping my prize.
I saw one of the two dancing, how did I know it was them? Every single one of my friend was 'spying' on those two guys. It must have been them. I get closer and closer and I just can't avoid to notice how one of the two looks so arrogant and bored. His face had no emotion, the little emotion he portrayed was negative. He was bored and wasn't even dancing. However, the other one had an endless smile on his face and he was undeniably having fun like a real gentleman. I go there and find out that the boring, arrogant looking one was Mr.Darcy. So obviously the other one was Mr.Bingley who was flirting with a girl. I couldn't be bothered to even look at the girl because I was so distracted from this amazingly fascinating man.

Mr.Bingley stops dancing for a while and speaks to Mr.Darcy but I'm not near enough to listen to what they are saying. I see Mr.Darcy pointing at Lizzy and, Lizzy offended. Her eyes were full of tears. What did he say? Why did she cry?
"She is tolerant; but not handsome enough to tempt me". These are the words Mr.Darcy said about Lizzy. No wonder she got offended.
His character was decided, he is an arrogant and exuberant person. I stop concentrating on Mr Darcy because he is too boring for me, I need some interesting things. Some gossip.
I run to my girlfriends and they immediately point at Mr.Bingley. Yes, I knew he was dancing with a girl, but I looked at his eyes and I was shocked. His eyes fell in love. No wonder he had a huge smile on his face, he fell in love with Lydia. Meanwhile I notice that Mr.Bennet announces that he had already met Mr.Bingley. He didn't tell the wife or the daughters. Why? Well I don't really care. He probably did it to contradict his family. He is a nice man but he is always playing jokes and tricks on everyone. Especially the wife. I can't believe these two individuals are married, they are like day and night, two complete different things. I see the two of them discussing about inviting Mr.Bingley to dinner. The night was over.
What will Happen Next? Only I know! And who am I? That's a secret I'll never tell, the only one.

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