Pozzo & Lucky’s Relationship

Published: 2021-07-01 06:53:44
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During the two character’s appearance in act 1 we learn a lot about both characters through the relationship they have with each other. While Lucky’s lack of speech under Pozzo’s domain makes it difficult to identify his personality, we can still infer a lot about him.
‘Pig’, ‘hog’ and ‘swine’. All abusive vocatives thrown at Lucky by Pozzo. An instant indication that the relationship between these two characters is far from friendly, and makes the relationship between Vladimir and Estragon seem certainly pleasant. It is clear that Lucky acts as a type of servant to Pozzo and this is clarified when he attempts to describe their relationship in the quote “He wants to mollify me, so that I'll give up the idea of parting with him”.
It is instantly clear that Pozzo’s character is extremely arrogant. He lords over the others, and he is decisive, powerful, and confident. When his character is introduced he refers to the other two as human, but as inferior beings; then he condescendingly acknowledges that there is a human likeness, even though the "likeness is an imperfect one." This image reinforces his authoritarian god-like stance. Pozzo's superiority is also seen in the manner in which he eats the chicken, and then casts the bones to Lucky with an air of complete omnipotence. Yet there are several quotes after he becomes acquainted with Vladamir and Estragon for example “I'd very much like to sit down” and referring to them as ‘gentlemen’ which suggest that, due to his long and lonely journey, he seeks the approval of them both and to be, as he quotes ‘old friends’. This provides the audience with a hint that despite has vast knowledge he is lacking something which he cannot gain from Lucky which is a companion.

Together the two characters represent the antithesis of each other. From one man who seems to be incapable of not contributing his input to someone who barely speaks a word. An inexhaustible amount of polarities can be applied to their relationship. However, Beckett has left a lot of information unsaid; Pozzo tells us that his profound knowledge was taught to him through none other than Lucky himself, whether this is simply a metaphorical term is undetermined however this does hint to the audience that perhaps the two characters were once not so dissimilar.
Further enigma is created through pozzo exclamation that Lucky has become insufferable: “I can't bear it . . . any longer . . . the way he goes on . . . you've no idea”. This leaves the audience alienated in terms of context, we are unaware of Lucky even speaking let alone driving someone to such an extent. This could also be seen as a malicious side to Pozzo’s character as he could potentially be lying as he sees Estragon and Vladimir warming to Lucky and is envious of that.
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Similarities can be seen between Pozzo ; Lucky’s relationship in comparison to Vladimir ; Estragon’s, in a sense that, the two relationships have an element of irascibility. Vladimir and Estragon fail to agree on things and often find themselves in disputes, yet they are still bound by each other and depend on one another. This is, in many ways mirrored in Pozzo and Lucky’s relationship, although there is a much bigger gap in terms of authority. Despite this, the two still depend on each other and are even bound by a rope which could be representative of an umbilical cord which brings about references to religion, life and other common themes within the play.
To conclude, the relationship that Pozzo and Lucky have is very significant in the play and when the tables are turned in act 2 with Pozzo losing his sight we learn a lot more about the two characters than in their introduction in act 1. The master and the servant have little in common but are bound to each other much like our main characters Vladimir and Estragon.

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