Plans for Expansion of The New 3G technology

Published: 2021-07-01 07:09:06
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T-mobile already has a wide range of mobile phones available on different payment tariffs. Phones are always being updated and new innovations. The latest invention in the mobile world is 3G enabled mobile phones. Mobile phones have evolved a lot since the first 1G analogue phone. After the 1G mobile phone 2G phone was next this included GSM, TDMA and cdmaone. After the 2G phones came the 2.5G phones this included the ideas of the 2G phones but at a faster rate and the EDGE technology. The 3G phone will have wireless technology which will enable enhancements to current applications, including greater data speeds, increased capacity for voice and data and the advent of packet data networks versus today's switched networks. The new 3G mobile phones will enable users to access the internet.
The production processes will need to be carefully managed when manufacturing the new 3G mobile phones. There are three different types of production methods which could be used batch, flow and job production. I believe the best production method for this product would be batch production as this would suit the type of product well. The advantages of using the batch production system would mean increased output of the product. The costs of production would be reduced. Some flexibility is retained so that different types of the product can be made
I think that patents/trademarks/copyright would be a good idea to use for the new 3G technology of mobile phone however to enforce this business would need expensive court action. The new product will need a good marketing strategy which keeps in theme with the other products available from the company. The marketing mix technique which is a combination of product, price, promotion and place. The price of the product is a very important factor to consider there are 2 factors that affect the price of a product the elasticity and supply and demand. If the product is price inelastic then it is not very sensitive to changes in price. If the product is price elastic then the product in very sensitive to changes in price I believe that the new 3G mobile phone is a price elastic product and if you changed the price the demand would vary a lot. Promotion is another important factor when introducing a new product.

There are two types of promotion above the line and below the line promotion. Above the line promotion is through media such as TV, radio, and cinema. Below the line promotion is a range of promotional techniques such as personal selling, direct marketing in which the firms have control over as they are usually led by them not outside agencies. I believe that the new 3G mobile phone will benefit from promotion on the television, through direct mail shots and newspaper promotions.
Some of the advantages of the new 3G technology. The new 3G technology will improve communication skills due to the widespread access to information it will allow more sophisticated communication. The new 3G mobile phones will be better quality and the customers will have more choice. Some of the disadvantages with the new 3G technology would be the cost of the new technology is quite high there are also some risks involved in integrating the new product. There may also be some resistance to the change in the new mobile phone technology. Overall I think that the advantages out weigh the disadvantages.
For managing the change I would suggest recording how the sales of the original products are selling before the 3G mobile phones are introduced and then also recording the sales when the new 3G mobile technology is introduced. If the sales of the old product falls new marketing techniques could be used to increase the sale sof this product and to maintain the sales of the new product.
In conclusion I have found that the new 3G technology would be a good new product for the company to introduce alongside the other wide range of mobile phones t-mobile has on offer. My advice would be to introduce the new 3G technology for a trial and see how the product sells and what marketing techniques need to be used for the product.

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