Phi-105 Week Five Checkpoint – Moral Character View Points

Published: 2021-07-01 06:48:16
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CheckPoint: Moral Character View Points PHI/105: Intro. To Philosophy Due Date: 10/05/2011 Instructor: Geth Allison Moral Character View Points Referencing week four discussion concerning moral character, one viewpoint my discussion group overall agreed upon including me is that habits develop from repeatedly doing something and can reflect on a person of good or bad moral character.
For example, if a child was taught to say yes sir while growing up by the time he or she becomes an adult they have developed a habit of responding as yes sir without thinking twice because of saying it repetitively as they grew up, which can appear to be a reflection of a person with good moral character, although that is not always the case in my opinion. In contrast, a person of bad moral character also could have been taught as a child to respond as yes sir as they grew into an adult developing a habit, but overall his or her moral character is bad.
In addition everyone agreed that habits, whether morally good or bad is formed from repetitiveness, which does not always result in the person being of bad or good moral character. On the other hand, quite a few classmates disagree on the viewpoint concerning habit and moral character being linked; as some of them argue that the two have no connection what so ever. In contrast, my perspective is that habit and moral character is connected to a certain extent based on the circumstances.

For example, habits whether good or bad, are apart of every individuals moral character; I have a bad habit of purchasing shoes, although I do not need them, but I have a urge to purchase a pair or two if I go into shoe store. This is something I have been doing for as long as I can remember, but I must say it has gotten better because I intentionally stay out of the shoe store.
Nevertheless, it is apart of who I am, that is, an individual with a shoe fetish, which I actually do not believe to be a bad habit, as most would say the opposite. But, “Does that make my moral character bad? ” Not hardly; therefore I would say my viewpoint and those in opposition to it follows the modern form of ethical thinking because from a modern perspective the act of purchasing one, two, or how ever many pair of shoes repeatedly is not wrong it is something that I have a passion for, and does not result to anyone getting hurt.

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