Nurse on Thinking Outside the Box

Published: 2021-07-01 06:19:29
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Innovative thinking is required but In order to do so, one must gain ample experience to foresee crisis that may happen upon the application of the unconventional. Getting out of the box means sucking with the problem longer, and looking at It from various sides, which may not always be suitable for a fast paced nurse, even with the right time management nurses are naturally multi-tasters and are known to accomplish one job to get on with the other. In the box thinkers often believe that every problem needs only one solution; therefore, folding more than one possible solution is a waste of time.
In Nursing Leaders/Supervisors: Nursing leaders on the other hand, thinking outside of the box may mean seeking the opinions of others which can help in the creative thinking process. As a nurse leader, one can improve out of the box thinking if one seeks ideas from those outside of one's own profession. Asking oneself on how things are being done in other industries could go a long way from Just going around his/her own department. Through this, a leader can easily seek what ideas can be best applied to a particular situation/task/problem and this requires a willingness to take new respective to day-to-day work.
As nurse leaders, they need to nurture their ability to think outside the box and promote this skill in others. In Nurses Working in Offices: While nurses who have ventured outside the clinical set-up and have chosen the cubicle type of work environment, by doing so only proves that they're one of the outside of the box thinkers. They are the ones who like to challenge their own assumptions on a regular basis, which can be the most difficult part of out of the box thinking. One must remember that Just because something has always been one ay, doesn't mean that it has to continue to be that way.

Out-of-the box thinking requires openness to new ways of seeing the world and willingness to explore. It means considering other Innovative options, from roles as nurse educators, executive nurse leaders and policymakers, to nurse entrepreneurs, retail clinic nurses, nurse Informatics and researchers--to name a few--we have seen how nurses have been able to parlay their clinical backgrounds and health care skill sets Into entirely new realms, one must not stop because even great creative people can become In-the-box thinkers when they stop trying.

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