Essay Summary of Negative Effects of Technology

Published: 2021-07-01 07:09:03
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Technology can not only negatively effect ones physical health, privacy but there are also emotional and psychological effects which can be disastrous. ’ Internet addiction is a psychological dependency on using the internet regardless of the type of activity once logged on’ . caplan 02. ‘a cycle of five successive and interdependent stages’. young01. Discovery, experimentation, escalation, compulsion, and hope lessness lead the person through a series of cause and effect emotions.. yong. 08 describes a person with a tendancy to avoid life problems by medicating him self with the internet.
Lonely people with low self esteem choose emotional relationships with cyberspace frinds. Becase ‘real’ individuals rejecting them is no longer possible, the person feels safe and confident in his world of denial. abs 08. Bisides social awkwardness and isolation the psychologically dependant person is one who tends to avoid real life situation and problems. abs. 08.. speaks of increasing absence from work as a woman’s online sexual fantasies grew into an obcession . to feel angry, jealous, rejected and abandoned as they experience the emotional pain of an online affair by their partner.
Conflict and emotional cost is also a result of poker playing online. chb. 00. states that intense players played 3 times longer than the majority, in one study.. Other life activities would be effected more and more. An incrase in emotional pain resulting. However, emotional pain is not only caused by the individual’s online behavior but also the financial strain of the addiction. Chb09.. states that in its study of online poker players, most player moderated their behavior based on wins and losses. 1 the most involved players.

However, did not this would indicate a high financial strain when these players experienced loss. Nms07 study on problem gambling on the internet found that 42. 7% of internet gamblers were problem gamblers. b. Another emotional result of online gambling is the altered perception of the gambler making him less aware of financial risks. nmss07.. The predictable remorse and guilt fallows the loss of money. Many online gaming sites give the impussion that pay out rates of demo session apply to regular play which is untrue.
Demo sessions also will set up an imagined ‘big win’ which the article states sets a person up for problem gambling in the future. Aa ther are risk factors for those who are psychologically, vulnerable to becoming addicted to online sex. abs08. millions of adult sites abs08 are available 24 hours a day, 7 days aweek. The underlying factor of accessible ‘free’ sex and gambling contributes to addiction for those particular people. abs. abs.. Besides easy access, being anonymous also increases addictive tendancies for those most prone to be effected.
Online users can experiment freely and confidently in the virtual world. Gamblers use electronic means to pay for services making the financial losses seem less real. Comm. With the rapid changes in technology comes both positive and negative results. Certain personality types seem more prone to online addicions to sex. Poker , and gambling. The availability of the internet and the relatively inexpensive world of excitement and pretending, seems to be an unpleasant reality makes fantasy even more attractive. The high emotional price for the addict and his loud ones, is just beginning to be revealed.

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