Natural Disaster and Possible Harms Drugs

Published: 2021-07-01 05:55:15
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Reaction paper: Last July 23, 2011, an orientation on disaster preparedness and prohibited dangerous drugs was held at the CE building during our NSTP. The speaker wanted to make us prepared at all times in case of natural disasters or calamities either natural or man-made. He also enlightened our minds of the possible harms drugs can do to an individual. When we say disaster or calamity, it is a great or sudden misfortune or catastrophe, an adverse or unfortunate event, or an occurrence that causes great distress or destruction.
While preparedness means, the state of having been made ready or prepared for use or action. So disaster preparedness is in a state of readiness to contain the effects of a forecasted disastrous event to minimize loss of life, injury, and damage to property, it can provide rescue, relief, rehabilitation, and other services in the aftermath of the disaster. There are two types of disaster, natural and man-made. Natural disaster is the effect of a natural hazard which leads to financial, environmental or human losses. Disasters occur when hazards meet vulnerability. Natural disasters are also categorized.
Examples: geological disasters - avalanche, earthquake, volcanic eruptions; hydrological disasters - floods, limnic eruptions, tsunamis and meteorological disasters: blizzards, cyclonic storms, droughts, hailstorms, heat waves, tornadoes and fires. While man-made disaster is a disastrous event caused directly and mainly by one or more individual on purpose also called human-made disaster. On his lecture on disaster preparedness, he told us that we must always remember the word safety. If you have the right skills that can make you safe, then that’s better. In everything that you do, your attitude counts.

Being flexible at all times makes it feasible for us to overcome whatever may happen. And yes, education is very crucial; having the right knowledge could help a lot. Having trainings can develop your skills and it all depends with you. If you put it all together; skill, attitude, flexibility, education, training and you, SAFETY follows. While it may be impossible to prepare for every possible scenario, the important point to remember here is to start somewhere with your own personal preparedness plan. Good preparation will lessen the impact of a disaster on our physical, mental, psychological, emotional and other spect of our human lives and love ones. He also explained to us the effects of dangerous drugs to us and that we should avoid taking such. Take note of the acronym DRUG – danger, route, unto, grave. A drug may be helpful or harmful. The effects of drugs can vary depending upon the kind of drug taken, how much is taken, how often it is used, how quickly it gets to the brain, and what other drugs, food, or substances are taken at the same time. Effects can also vary based on the differences in body size, shape, and chemistry. Some teens believe drugs will help them think better, be more popular, stay more active, or become better athletes.
Others are simply curious and figure one try won't hurt. Others want to fit in. A few use drugs to gain attention from their parents. Many teens use drugs because they're depressed or think drugs will help them escape their problems. The truth is, drugs don't solve problems — they simply hide feelings and problems. When a drug wears off, the feelings and problems remain, or become worse. Drugs can ruin every aspect of a person's life. This orientation indeed has given us knowledge which may help not only us, but also other people in the future.

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