My Cherished Memory

Published: 2021-07-01 06:49:56
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My Cherished Memory There are couple of memories of mine have a special glow around them, and i always smile from ear to ear whenever i start treasuring them, those special ones that keep me accompanied and leave a significant note as i grow older and become wiser as days go by. The nostalgia hits every time when i think of those memorable times that i had, some are fun, some are crazy and yet some are dreadful but i managed to learn from it.
There's this particular memory i that i would like to share about is regarding my first time taking flight alone to meet up with my dad. It happened this year, around March. It was quite a spontaneous trip because I didn’t really do much planning nor mentally prepared for this whole thing. In fact, my mind was filled with questions and doubts about my studies because I was undecided about where to go to when my dad didn’t allow me to join the March intake at the local colleges.
Although he tried to convince me to accept his advises by joining the STPM but my eyes were blinded with hatred, my infantile behavior at that time made me chose to blame him for not supporting my decision, and all he wanted to do was to make me surrender under his pride that I’m most certainly not willing to do so. After discussing with my parents for a few days (through skype), I was determined to have a face-to-face meeting with my dad to persuade him again by taking a plane to Guangzhou, China.

After making a flight booking on the internet, I started doing some last minute research on that place before I depart three days later and soon, the day had finally came. My mum wasn’t even free to send me to the airport therefore I had to take the LRT to KL Central, and there’ll be busses to pick up passenger to the airport. Usually my parents or teachers will be the one taking care of the checking ins and outs whenever there’s a trip, but I was the one responsible that time, no one will be there to help out if there’s a mistake, I had to keep myself alert throughout the whole journey.
I checked the printed boarding pass and tried to memorize the gate number so that i could straight away look out for that place once I’ve reached the airport, I checked my wallet to ensure there were money inside so that I won’t starve when i needed food, and most importantly I checked my passport again and again to make sure I brought the right one but not the one with my sister’s picture on it! I reached Baiyun International Airport at 9pm, tried to look out everywhere to search for my dad’s shadow but I couldn’t.
I started to panic when my phone was out of battery, but somehow I managed to reach him after several attempts using the staff’s phone, he said he was on the way on a train and the burden in my body went away immediately. I spotted him 20 minutes after the call, he looked tired but I could feel the relief in him too. We took the same train to dad’s working area, the streets were quiet as we reached the place around 11pm. Only a few fast food restaurants are available, I had my supper before we went back to hotel, and no, we didn’t talk about the study issue yet.
We had a great breakfast to start up the next beautiful morning, before we headed to dad’s factory, he bought me a local yogurt-like milk, it tasted funny to me anyway but I still finished it. I was told to stay in the office while dad went busy with his work, but I started to feel bored after hours of sitting and playing with the computer games. I went out from the office room and found my dad squatting down fixing his printing machine, with his bare hands stained with different colours of inks.
The sweat gathered on his forehead and he was really concentrating on his work till I had to tap his shoulder to tell him that I wanted to go for lunch and asked if he needed any food. With an empty stomach and head filled with questions again, I went to search for food at the factory area. Why does he have to do the dexterity work? There are plenty of staffs and workers at the factory but why did he do that until colours stained all over his hands and I could barely see his original nail colour? I asked myself as I bit on the local chicken wrap. I went back to the factory about an hour, the staffs came to talk with me and

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