My Beloved Cat

Published: 2021-07-01 06:37:05
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One day, Ahmad go to the Pengkalan Market to buy groceries using my car as usual. After arrived there, Ahmad started to buy all my thing listed in the notes that Ahmad made before. After finished buying, Ahmad straightly walks to the car to go home. However, during my walk, suddenly Ahmad saw a cat that really cute and thus it attract me to go near to it. As Ahmad go near to the cat, the cat makes an action that makes me feel happy and enjoyable.
Thus, Ahmad thinks either the cat is someone else pet or not. After think sometimes Ahmad suddenly come up with decision that Ahmad want to take this cat go back with me and to be my pet since Ahmad also never had any pet before in my home. As Ahmad arrive home, Ahmad want to find and give a suitable name to my pet. In about 20 minutes, Ahmad finally found suitable name for my cat that is Bobby. The reason that makes me choose Bobby as its name is because the cat is male (boy) cat.
Hence, Ahmad left Bobby for a while in my house and Ahmad quickly went to the shop and buy cat food (Whiskas) and a cage for Bobby’s. Thus, Ahmad went back to home, take Bobby and put it inside its cage and feed it with Whiskas. Later, Ahmad went to my bed to take my rest. As Ahmad wake up the next day, Ahmad straightly goes to Bobby’s cage to look its condition and to give it Whiskas. However, suddenly Ahmad notice that Bobby’s has gone and Ahmad really shocked.

All bad things have play in my mind. Ahmad even thinks that someone has stolen my cat, but….. suddenly, Ahmad hear someone call my names several time and repeatedly. Thus, from time to time the sound being loud and louder and seems near to me. Next, Ahmad found that my boys are on my bed inside my room and actually Ahmad just dream on. Actually my younger sister calls me to wake me up to go to the Pengkalan market. The dream is really wonderful to me and Ahmad won’t forget it ever.

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