Moving to a New House

Published: 2021-07-01 06:31:41
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Annonymous Professor Licata Enc 1101 W, 17 21 Oct. 2011 We Need More Room To hear the news of my mother’s new pregnancy was quite an excitement, yet I knew I would have to discuss with my mother why I believed it would be of essence to move to a much bigger house, this would mean that the new triplets would have a room of their own, and my brother Alex and I could have one as well. I informed my mother of the three important differences between our real house and our dream home would be the size, amenities, and location are more important factors with a larger family.
One important difference between our real home and our dream home would be size. Our current home is only 1,007 square feet. This is not going to be sufficient space for our increasing family. Like two lions fighting over whom will eat the buffalo, we would be fighting over living space, specially with eight people living in an overcrowded house that has only two bedrooms and one bathroom. If we moved to a house that was 6,589 square feet, 6 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, we would be more contented with all the additional space.
No more fussing about who gets to use the bathroom next. Like animals, humans are also very territorial, and the less space we have to live in, the more hostile our environment becomes. A more important difference between our real house and our dream house would be amenities. Seeing as to how we are a family that loves to watch movies and have family time after dinner, having a Sony WEGA 32 inch television is not cutting it for us.

There are times when the quality of the TV is so terrible, that we cannot even recognize the different colors being displayed on the screen. “Tell me it wouldn’t be better if we had our own Yalos Diamond LCD TV in our new home! ” I said to her. Everyone could sit around the TV and enjoy more flicks, with an HD quality. “Also, you wouldn’t have to worry about me and Alex ever fighting about who gets to use the Nintendo 64 Next during our family time. ” In our dream house we would have our own gaming room filled with a WII, Xbox 360, and Play Stations.
Although, amenities are important, they are not the most important difference as to why we should move to a bigger house. The most important difference between our current home and our dream home would have to be location. “But what does Location have to do with anything that matters? ” asked my mom as she sat on the small rocking chair outside our front door. “It makes a big difference mom! ” I exclaimed to her. We live in a neighborhood called Oakridge in Orlando, Florida.
This is an exceptionally dangerous area to be at late at night, and to make matters worse, a reporter from the News 13 said and I quote “This is a neighborhood where the criminal and robbery rate are occurring more often. ” We live in the poor regions of Oakridge where we are most vulnerable to all these approaching dangers. “Do you really want to bring three baby infants into this environment? ” However, if we were to move to Windermere, we would still be able to live in Orlando, Florida and in a more family oriented, safe environment. Mom, they are a gated community, no more distressing about break-ins or somebody robbing us. Everyone would be safe and secure at all times. Our family can finally be at ease mom. ” To conclude all, the three differences between our real house and dream house are very important because of the new triplets. It would be in our best interest to move to our dream house. We would all live more comfortably in a larger size home, have extra fun during our family time thanks to the additional amenities, and our family will be much safer in the new location we move to.

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