Are Movie Stars’ Weddings Too Extravagant?

Published: 2021-07-01 06:12:39
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Dear Editor,
Noticing the trickles of extravagant weddings sta+ged by movie stars in recent years, I cannot help suspiring how millions of dollars could have been better spent instead of being squandered on events that could have been just as beautiful and memorable if the budget was cut half. I am therefore writing this letter to express my serious concern over the despicable behaviour of these public figures who clearly have little idea of what it really takes to have an unforgettable wedding.
It is not exactly inconceivable why movie stars tend to spend profusely - that they wish to garner media attention and show off their wealth and affluence to the world. But as often as we learn of star wedding news, equally frequently are we aware that they divorce a few years - or more outrageously a few months - after marriage. I have to say I am surprised at how marriage could be as disrespected as such. I am doubly surprised at how forgetful these people are, obviously having no memory of their vows and commitments on their lavish wedding day. It is henceforth a headache think of marriage being treated as a ridiculous game.

With this in mind - that marriage is now nothing more than an empty concept that lacks respect and dignity - one comes to the conclusion that it is simply pointless in holding wedding parties at exorbitant prices. Name any loving couples around you and you realize the key to long-lasting marriages is not to make the wedding as unreasonably expensive as possible but to truly devote oneself to the relationship. Regardless of whether the wedding is huge or humble, so long as the two persons are faithful to and caring for each other, their marriage will always be graceful and memorable.
In this era where divorce is no longer a taboo and divorce rate is shooting relentlessly worldwide, it seems grievously insensible and frankly wasteful that wedding ceremonies should be so luxurious. People may not agree with the notion that "Simple is beautiful", but they can absolutely hold an equally enviable wedding while the money is spent on places more worthwhile.
These dollars spent on creating an epic event which wastes countless flower baskets, barrels of fine wine and insanely overdone decoration can be donated to charity instead, giving guests a philanthropist image of the couple. Good deeds remain in the heart of people but good food are used up sooner than they think. By making the world a better place to live in, the couple is also making themselves better people to look upon.
Hosting wedding receptions in a six-star hotel's grand ballroom may sound lovely, but the money could have been saved and spent on less expensive venues that can be just as elegant. Hiring famous public relation companies to organize the whole wedding ceremony is not really economical, while engaging oneself in the wedding preparation is even more fulfilling than making it a cat's paw of someone else. The guest will also be impressed by the couple's involvement.
I am sure these people will be amazed at how much they can save and how much blessing they will receive from the world by spending their sums of money in a smarter and a more caring way.

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