How Modern Technology Affects Library Books

Published: 2021-07-01 06:34:26
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The importance for polished English remains high on the priority among many firms as a basic requirement. The emphasis for proficiency in the English language starts from school for most, but most adults do not maintain a habit of constantly improving and updating their ability to read and write. Speaking has become a part of our daily lives and our reliance on English has turned it into the first language of many Singaporeans. Our heavy reliance on English gives us an edge when practising it throughout our daily lives.
This however comes at the cost of having too much comfort and usually leads to arrogance that stops us from constantly improving and updating our language skills. The habit of good English could not only help with a person's daily life but also with any possible career prospectus. The ability to be more qualified than your competition in terms of articulation gives the everyday working adult an edge towards a better prospectus. It's a form of communication that exceeds the boundaries of Singapore, reinforcing its importance as a major world language.
Other than simply being a means of communication, it also serves as the most universal form of articulation. A person can express his or her thoughts more concisely when using the appropriate language in a certain context. This means of expression precedes many generations before and was passed down to most citizens as their first language. Language proves to be timeless in its use and the relentless pursuit of self improvement can begin with good English.

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