Mistakes and Misunderstandings

Published: 2021-07-01 06:19:43
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'Mistakes and misunderstandings are painful when they occur. " nevertheless as life goes on, these occurrences turn into experience that add value to relationships and life. When asked to define what a mistake really is, one would say it is an act of misdoing or perhaps even an error of judgement. However, as the word itself suggests, such misdoings are unintentional and the doer cannot be fully blamed for his/ her inaccurate action. on the other hand, a misunderstanding maybe elucidated as an unfortunate situation where someone or something is failed to be understood correctly.
Whatever said and done, it is evident that mistakes if not neutralised and misunderstandings, if not sorted out may lead to serious repercussions. A small blunder or minute misunderstanding stands a great chance of leading to immediate heartbreaks and absolute breakdown of other relationships. In the worst- case scenario, it could lead to someone's incarceration or demise. However, if neutralised or sorted out, mistakes and misunderstandings can give rise to many advantageous effects.
A sorted out misunderstanding increases the bond between two people, further securing the relationship and thus adding value to it. Mistakes committed are an added experience in one's life. They further help show the right pathway to success which in the end is what really matters. Even though mistakes and misunderstandings can backfire drastically causing crucial consequences, in my opinion, they are important happenings as in the end they make a huge difference in one's life once neutralised or sorted out.

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