Mental Pressure

Published: 2021-07-01 06:05:48
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Mental Pressure? It is because of something that was said or done has overwhelmed your mindset and it becomes difficult to think. A number of students has been encountered feeling and complaining about this said "Mental Pressure" nowadays. It happens because your brain is receptive of everything, meaning it will take information and process it how it sees it. This topic does not aim only for the Mental Pressure that students experience now but also what makes them feel stressed a lot ore than the usual and how they cope from it.
Thus, Stress or Mental Pressure is not always a bad thing, having to experience cramming, staying up late at night doing home works or projects or even doing your task at the last minute when the paper or any sort is being collected by the teacher or the person in charge makes you think of how you, yourself is making your own life more complicated, it will make you do what is right the next time around. But that doesn't mean that it has an advantage that it is to supposed to be fixed, It may have an advantage but it has more disadvantage than anyone would thought.
This may also cause some serious response to the human body that is why this topic's aim is to know how students deal with this sort of stress and have to research more about it to improve for future references and to help make students feel more comfortable with their studying routine and not feel stress than the way they experience it before. Statement of the Problem This research aims to scrutinize the various ways or plans of selected fourth ear high school students regarding on how they cope with stress and mental pressure.

The present study, within the context of the school, will be concerned with the following research questions: 1 . When do you often encounter Stress with school works? 2. How do you manage to finish a task with all the stress and pressure you have packed in with you? 3. How does Mental Stress affect you with your educational purposes? 4. What is your most recommended way of coping or having to deal with stress or mental pressure? 5. Significance of the Study
This study is beneficial, first, to the students, that they may be able to convey their reactions and feedback of the K-12 program through the survey. This study may also be beneficial to the school and the members the faculty that they may look at the K-12 program through the eyes of the students and find out Just how they could help students learn and understand their respective subjects better, and how they can help this students' learning experience become an enjoyable one, while still maintaining the objective to produce world- lass and globally competitive persons of whole person learning.
This study may also be beneficial to the parents of each student, that they may understand why exactly they are paying for two more extra years of secondary education and how this can affect the betterment of their child/children's future. Scope and Delimitation The study will only focus on the perceptions of selected senior high school students of Notre Dame of Greater Manila SYS 2014-2015 regarding the adapted K-12 program.
The study will not be including research regarding other factors hat are affected by the program such as the perceptions of the freshmen and sophomores regarding the program, the preparations made by the school staff for the students who are affected, and the likes. Definition of Terms The following terms were mentioned in this study: Adaptation - the process of changing to fit some purpose or situation. Autonomous - existing or acting separately from other things or people. Pedagogical - relating to teachers and academics and education. Perception - point of view; the way one thinks about or understand something.

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