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Published: 2021-07-01 06:18:23
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The main person that has shaped my personality has been my mother. She has show n me how to conduct myself as a woman, a professional, and as a mother. She has always worker d and shown me and my sister the value of work. Her hard work Instilled In me the desire to succeed. My mother has always been my Inspiration. At a young age my mother came to the US, she had no knowledge of the language mum chi less of the way of life out here. Although the language barrier she managed to meet and ma r rye my dad.
My mother quickly found out that America wasn't all It seemed. She married and the n struggled to provide for me and my father. He was a spoiled American kid, In my mothers word s, with opportunities only dreamed of by my mother. She stuck it out and had me and my sis term. Later she divorced from my dad and provided for us all by herself. She started working at South Chicago hospital as a housekeeper when I was only 6 wok s old. Since then she has held her Job and worked two, even three Jobs to provide for me an d my sister. The road has been long but she tells me she never regrets it.
She has been sat bled and living proof that it can be done. My mother did it without any education and it was a f reign land to her. She now has bought and paid for her home and a condo in Florida, and has law yes helped and provided for me, my sister, and her grandchildren. My mother is my idol. I wish she could see the impact and structure she has instilled on my life. I am so proud to have such a dedicated and hard working mother. She inspires me to do the Impossible. If she can overcome all the odds then I can at least try to.

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