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Published: 2021-07-01 06:45:41
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In the first six hebdomads of 2004, the amusement industry spent around Rs. 1 billion on movie and music publicities. The norm for a manufacturer was to put about 10 to 15 per centum of the entire production budget on selling and publicities. However, in some instances this bound is stretched to 20 to 25 per centum.
Hum Tum was acknowledged as a box office hit in malice of a mild response by the movie critics. The film was targeted specially at the young person, and that was apparent with all the bordering selling activities. Yash Raj Films tied up with multiple administrations merely to unleash an extended selling run for the film.
Harmonizing to the selling executives at Yash Raj Films, the strategising for the movie 's promotion run started coincident to its production. A sum of 10 to 12 per cent of the production budget was invested in the movie 's selling and promotion runs. However, `` the film really got free promotion worth 30 to 35 per cent of its budget, '' says Tarun Tripathi, the cardinal ideator of Hum Tum 's selling scheme. This was due to the free of cost trades that fell in topographic point for the unit.

Before acquiring into the assorted facets of the films selling activities, allow us look at another position. Ad as an industry is turning towards Bollywood. And this entry is non merely restricted to the advertizements in between films, but the advertizement going the very portion of the film. This includes intermixing the trade name in the film as required. Most blockbusters now have a proper blending of the trade name into the narrative line ; nevertheless, during the clip of Hum Tum, this was a comparatively new phenomenon.
In the film, Saif Ali Khan is a Times of India cartoonist. Now this association with the taking English day-to-day was: a finance direction technique ; a world angle given to the film by the manager ; or merely a manner of trade name association, is the inquiry. The move is decidedly smart as acknowledged by trade analysts and industry professionals, as its common benefit for parties, - trade name every bit good as the film. Such advertisement remains in the heads of the spectator as it is subtly yet contextual as it merges the trade name in the mundane life of the common adult male.
Harmonizing to the movie 's selling caput, the quality of the merchandise is the most of import. So while good reappraisal coevals and disposed usage of media can command the word of oral cavity promotion, finally the audience decides how they like the movie and negotiations about it. So neglecting selling does non assist either manner.
Let 's take a expression at the assorted marketing Tie-ups of Hum Tum:
Timess of India
In Hum Tum, Saif Ali Khan is a Times of India cartoonist. He creates cartoon strips of 'Hum ' and 'Tum ' which is a male child and a miss severally. The subject is gender wrangles and it is showcased in a amusing mode through these strips. In order to help the publication of the sketch strips in the newspaper, YRF came up with a alone synergistic sketch strip competition on their site. The user had to assist the lead histrion ( Karan Kapoor ) to explicate more strips with new thoughts. The strip was merely supposed to be a 3 frame strip and it was in Hindi or English.
These entries enabled the squad to plan sketch strips on the selected entries, and published them in Times of India - India 's prima English daily. The victor got an sole limited edition transcript of the winning sketch strip, autographed by Saif and Rani. Apart from the publication, these sketchs strips were besides covered on the official web site. The strips were a success amongst the readers and they were awaited by partisans. The gags connected with the young person and they were seen discoursing these positions on college campuses, at place, with friends, etc. It was a good wonder generator for what is traveling to be seen in the film itself.
This selling thought enabled Times of India to go an of import portion of the movie 's content and its association with the YRF trade name got some added equity to the partnership. YRF on the other manus landed a good fiscal and a strategic trade with the taking English day-to-day.
Evaluation for the above activity can be measured in the undermentioned mode since there was no existent hard currency escape.
Size of the strip * Frequency of the strip * All edition rate of TOI
Simultaneously the range of the run can be measured utilizing the expression below:
Readership of the newspaper * Number of yearss the strip appeared
= this will give us an approximative range figure of the above run.
During the movie launch, Lays had introduced two new spirits - Cool Cucumber and Cream and Masala Cooler. This was particularly for the summer. What the selling squad of Hum Tum did was to tout Hum Tum as the 'coolest ' film of the season. This was taken frontward by an SMS competition on the official website To take part in this competition, all one needed to make is SMS Lays to 8558 and reply the inquiries that are sent in answer to the SMS. 2500 victors were selected by a random draw amongst the right reply entries and they would be entitled to two tickets for the film. Apart from this, 10000 victors were sent ringtones or screensavers of the film via SMS. Participants with right entries besides received digital content like nomadic ringtones, screensavers or gags as a complimentary gift. The nomadic trade was worked out between Mobile2Win and Frito-Lay India Ltd. The competition was valid from 18th May to 31st May and victors were informed via SMS everyday. As Lays was the taking murphy french friess trade name, and its trade name embassador was Saif, it got a batch of free promotion for the film. The loyal clients of the trade name had something to look frontward to with the launch of the new spirit every bit good as Saif 's new release.
Consequently the range or more accurately the figure of occupied clients of the run can be estimated as:
= Number of SMS 's received for the competition
May 21 onwards, the much awaited Rishi Rich 's new music picture for Kunal Kohli 's movie Hum Tum was seen on MTV. The music channel had entirely tied up with Yash Raj Films to co-produce the music picture for the film 's title path. Besides the affiliation enabled for the first clip on Indian telecasting a alteration in the logo of MTV, which carried the Hum Tum characters.
Using music picture and logo stigmatization were alone attacks. This was the first clip that an experiment like this was seen in Bollywood, where a music picture was created entirely as a film selling tool. Another first was for Rishi Rich, as he had ne'er earlier produced a path for a mainstream Hindi Film. The path 'U-n-I, Mere dil vich hai Hum Tum, ' was a hip-hop bhangra path, produced by Rishi Rich and sung by Veronica and Juggy D.
It is a vernal racy path which was composed by Veronica and is shot against the background of celebrated memorials of Bombay. It was a speedy hit with the crowds due to its bouncing subject, and it besides worked really good for the film. The vocal was in melody with the movie 's thought. It was the first clip that Yash Raj Films used an international creative person for their movie 's soundtrack. All the parties involved got their equity on the tabular array, which in bend helped the picture go an instant hit - Yash Raj known as the grandfather of Bollywood, Rishi Rich as the new modern bhangra creative person, and MTV, the most sought after young person channel.
Evaluation for the above activity is assumed to be measured in the undermentioned mode as we do non hold the existent Numberss of the selling spend:
FCT rates for the screen size and consequently averaging it out + excess premium for the logo branding on the channel
Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin
Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin, the household show, aired on Sony Entertainment Channel became a portion of Hum Tum 's selling program. YRF roped in the show to advance their film Hum Tum. Saif playing the function of Karan, a cartoonist in the film, made an visual aspect in the show. It was the first clip a character from the large screen stepped into the little screen, for a cameo with the show 's lead character.
This alone episode was aired on May 27th, one twenty-four hours before the release of the film. Saif Ali Khan was teh current spirit amongst Bollywood histrions. The brace created the expected enthusiasm, as Jassi was a popular show, and Saif a popular star. The shot for the episode took topographic point at the Chitrath Studios, Powai. The cameo involved Saif sing Jassi 's place in the show - Gulmohar House. He was seen playing the function of Karan Kapoor from the film, where he is a cartoonist. It was seen that Jassi invited Saif to the manner house in order to debate his point of views as shown in his amusing strips. The subject for the amusing strips is Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. It fundamentally illustrates the differences between the genders. Now, Jassi differs from Saif 's point of position, and they are shown discoursing this as a portion of the show. The attitude of Karan Kapoor, the cartoonist played by Saif is rather contrary to Jassi 's attitude in the show. This is one of the premier grounds the coupling worked, as there was something that the viewing audiences could look frontward to. It was a welcome me displacement from the mundane show. Jassi was anyhow a profitable show for the channel, and the Saif cameo provided the bombilation, the manufacturers needed for the film Hum Tum. It was a win-win state of affairs.
Evaluation for the above activity can be measured in the undermentioned mode as we do non hold the existent Numberss of the selling spend:
= Comparison of TRP for the show on that peculiar twenty-four hours with other yearss
In today 's twenty-four hours, most films are seen come ining the market with multiple selling and media affiliations. It non merely provided the intended push to the film, but besides creates a bed of positive word of oral cavity for the film, and a certain sum of exhilaration in the heads of possible viewing audiences. In 2004, Hum Tum was one of the first such films to hold so many multiple selling partnerships, and since so it 's a day-to-day phenomenon. The presence of trade names adds so many excess oculus balls to the film, that the consequence is increased enormously. Hum Tum 's selling affiliations were an intelligent mix of Television, Music, Chips, and Print. It reached its audiences through assorted agencies, and finally struck a chord with the young person every bit good as the household.

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