Little Women Critique

Published: 2021-07-01 06:46:01
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She must merely describe life as it actually was. Louisa May Alcott (1832-1888) wrote Little Women at the request of her publishers, even though she was not very enthused about writing a book for girls. This book is a primary The second book, Century of Struggle: The Woman's Rights Movement in source. The united States, by Eleanor Fleeter and Ellen Fitzpatrick (1969, 1975, 1996) is both a primary and a secondary source.
The author used primary sources, such as archival material, to depict the struggles that women endured in their path to gain voting rights in the nineteenth century but Ms. Fleeter also drew from her experiences and observations of her mother. Century of Struggle Is a monograph. [l] I don't think Little Women had a thesis; It was a book written for young girls to enjoy. However, through the use of the author's own life experiences, the book has left an Imprint of what life was Like for many women during the Call War.
Century of Struggle, on the other hand, did have a thesis: "to survey the position of women during the colonial and revolutionary periods, before any movement may properly be said to have gun; to trace its development from scattered beginnings early in the nineteenth century of a number of different fronts--education, employment, trade union organization, the professions, the law, the franchise--down to then enactment of the suffrage amendment in 1920; to keep that struggle in perspective against the growth of this nation and of such related reform movements as the abolition of slavery, temperance, and the organization of trade unions--bearing in mind that never at any time were these women without the support of far-seeing and loyal men. " Eleanor Fleeter (1908-1995) had a vast Interest In history. She majored In history and English from Swarthmore College and attended Oxford university for one year due to a fellowship she received for her senior thesis on Mary Tudor. In the sass, Ms. Fleeter wrote plays "that focused on social and economic unrest and the rise of fascism. " The beginning and the content of Century of Struggle began with her experience with labor organizing and her many political activities; she Joined the Communist Party in the ass and participated in with many radical activists and

Century of Struggle is a very comprehensive book about the history organizations. Of women in the United States. The author delved as far back as the sass in an effort to depict how women have fought and struggled to obtain roles in society where they were no longer Just housewives or nurses; roles that would give them their own voice In society. Ms. Fleeter stated In her book that "Whatever their social station, under English common law, which became Increasingly predominant In the colonies and among all religious denominations... Women had many duties, but few rights. 2] In compiling her facts, Ms. Fleeter used an extensive number of sources, view of women's history, especially their struggle to gain the right to vote.
As stated in Century of Struggles preface, Noting rights had long been denied to women as much by prevailing notions of who they were and what capacities they possessed as by any explicit and carefully planned scheme to deny women access to the instruments of democracy. " Louisa May Alcott Little Women was a fictional novel. However, it has long been regarded as "a significant exploration of the processes of coming a woman. " It acknowledged the various conflicts inherent in the girls' artistic ambitions and social expectations... "[3] The author acknowledges that she used her own experiences with her sisters to infuse life into her books characters. This edition of the book contained many criticisms of Little Women as well as a chronology of Ms. Alcott life. Ms.

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