Lighthouse of Alexandria

Published: 2021-07-01 06:45:21
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The upper platform at night burning a fire fed with wood and resin. Legend has it that Stratton sought for a long time for the foundation, a material that resists salt water, and finally built the tower of giant blocks of glass. In 1373 an earthquake destroyed the remains of the tower. Its ruins have been searched in vain. (Dunn). Illustrious memory of that great era was for many centuries, the famous lighthouse of Alexandria. Sailing near the coast, on foggy days and at night, made necessary the placement of large permanent fixtures In certain ports and cables on the Mediterranean coast.
At the time the deal Is for Just one of the most Important works of the ancients, considered In those days as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. I mean the great lighthouse of Alexandria. It seems that this name should be the beacon of the small island where they raised at the entrance of the harbor, and later served to name the sites and devices that have since been constructed for the same purpose. Plink and other ancient authors describe the magnificent building which was built northwest of the island of Pharaohs, during the reign of Ptolemy Philadelphia, n the years 285 to 247 SC.
Its builder was Stratton of Census, son of Dimöcrates, who, in turn, had been an architect of Alexander. (Ministry of culture). On a large block of glass is not attacked by the sea ", there stood a white marble tower, divided into smaller and smaller bodies to reach the 160 meters [Dries speaks of 55 to 65 meters; others raise It to 183]. (Ashman). At the top was a large brazier, 11th day and night, with a kind of lens-shaped mirror, which was put before the call to send light rays to greater distance.

In the basement of the great work you read the Inscription: Stratton of Census, son of Dimöcrates, the saviors, for those who sail the sea. The Arabs continued to use the famous lighthouse after conquering Egypt in the ninth century of our era. An emperor of Constantinople, to hinder the navigation of those, decided to destroy it, but, lacking the strength to oppose against the caliph, owner of the country, went to the craft. He sent an emissary to the powerful AY-Wald, with the slogan of thinking it was a great treasure at the base of the very high tower.
The caliph ordered its demolition, until, warned, perhaps, misleading, destructive work was suspended when she had done for the most part. An earthquake happened in 1375 consummated the destruction of the wonderful work due to Stratton of Unkind. (A. CalmNZ-Land). As If sensing that something was coming to an end, Alexandria kept the world's largest library, a library that tried to preserve "that was his ambition, all human knowledge. Next to It and above It stood the lighthouse. Next to the lighthouse were the markets and docks and warehouses.
Alongside them, the tomb AT Alexander, rater ten palaces AT Kilns Ana queens slang, ten world's TLS synagogues, temples of the esoteric sects, the accounting of the merchants, brothels and shops, perfect palaces bleached the richest citizens and then rows of large churches, each with rowdy monks and bones of martyrs, and one of them with the relics of the San Marco's. And all this time, the big city, devouring ran as fast as a machine its daily course, and his career was much harder and much farther reaching Han many older cities.
In his day, and if the day was very long, Alexandria was the most exciting place on earth. (Clement) Of all the cities that Alexander founded Alexandria in Egypt was the greatest of all (Whiten). As Caesar himself wrote (and Caesar fought and nearly died in Alexandria), Egypt was the door of the lighthouse beacon that soars and was the symbol of commerce and energy of the city, and also the symbol of the seizure order Alexandra urban planted throughout the ancient East. Noon and Elizabeth Roomer)

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