Language Usage in Huckleberry Finn

Published: 2021-07-01 06:58:03
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Jims dialogues, we can clearly see that he has troubles with English, he often makes grammatical and spelling errors. From this I concluded that Jim is most probably uneducated, I do think that he's not stupid though because up to this point In the book Mark Twain have showed how Jim uses his logic, for instance when Jim was arguing about Solomon, we can clearly see how he used his logic in criticizing the story. Therefore from the language Mark Twain uses we can understand that Jim Is uneducated but he's not stupid although he book doesn't literally say so.
Racism: Mark Twain repeatedly used the word 'Niger' In the book to describe how In the town where It took place, everyone uses the word 'Niger' casually, from old ladles to Houck himself uses the word very casually. This shows how at that time, dark skinned people are very discriminated by the white. They are treated as slaves, up to the point where they will sell them in exchange for money. From the words that Mark Twain used in describing the society, we can clearly see that slavery and racism both re still an on going thing.
If we compare this to today, it is completely different, people are now forbidden to say the word 'Niger' and dark skinned people are way more respected. Faking Huckleberry Fin's own death: In the chapter in which Huckleberry Finn faked his own death, although Mark Twain didn't exactly tell us what he was going to do, but we were able to conclude that he was up to something. Through the language that the author used to describe this action we can see that he's not stupid, he uses a lot of his logic.

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