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Published: 2021-07-01 06:46:00
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“Finding Nemo” highlights the adventures of a clownfish named Nemo, as he unexpectedly gets captured at the Drop Off and sent to Sydney. His dad, Marlin, and his friend, Dory, go in search of Nemo encountering many dangers of the ocean. While they continue finding him, Nemo meets new friends at a fish tank of a dentist clinic in which help him escape. Towards the end, Marlin finds Nemo and together they go back to their home at the anemone.
The film, “Finding Nemo”, is about the journey as Nemo travel from the familiar to the unfamiliar and the adventures that are encountered as Marlin searches for Nemo. For instance, Nemo arrives at his first day of school where he travels away from the anemone in which he lives to a new place. It is a thrilling experience which is suggested through the playful background music. Nemo’s facial expression also shows his admiration and amazement to the many colourful creatures of the sea which he has not seen before.
He unpredictably gets caught in the hands of a diver due to his disobedience acts against his dad. He is taken to a fish tank where weeds and stones are artificial, space is greatly confined compared to that of the ocean and those that live in the tank including Gill, Peach, Bubbles, Jacques, Deb, Bloat and Gurgle, are the strangers in which become Nemo’s friends. The audience knows that the unfamiliar can be frightening as Nemo repeatedly says “Where’s my daddy? after his capture from the diver. Marlin on the other hand experiences the great dangers of the ocean which he has never thought of encountering as he warns Nemo that “the ocean is not safe. ” His traumatic past through his loss of his wife and many clownfish babies makes him afraid of stepping out of his anemone; however, Nemo becomes the motivation for him to explore further abroad the sea.

He swims to an isolated part of the sea where he meets the three sharks, Bruce, Anchor and Chum, and then for the first time travels across a large group of jelly fish and meets sea turtles of Sydney. Nemo’s and Marlin’s journey to the unfamiliar has led them to step out of their comfort zone and further explore the world that exists away from their home. It is very different to what they are used to, therefore leading them to adapt and become a well-informed individual they evolved into by the end of the film.

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