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Published: 2021-07-01 06:46:15
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He wanted to escape the sick society he thought he was living in, liberated from judgment, control, parents and material excess. In order to complete his new life transformation Chris gave himself a new name, Alexander Superstar. It appeared as though he had created this alter ego to help him reach his destination, Alaska. During his odyssey everyone who came in contact with knew him by "Alex. " In Chris Mishandles Journey throughout America he came across people who helped him along the way.
While hitchhiking up the cost on US Highway 101, Chris was kicked up by a couple, Jane and her boyfriend Bob. They traveled around the West selling knick-knack at flea markets and swap meets. Both grew very fond of him and provided him with shelter. Jane was very concern that a young man was in a dangerous world and when asked if his parents knew where he was, he was given no response. I believe Jane was genuinely concern because she had a son which she didn't know his whereabouts. I was unfortunate to experience the unknown when a love one goes missing. It's extremely emotionally draining.
Your mind goes wild and ills with countless bad thoughts of what could or has happened. I was going crazy for my missing dog I can't imagine being unable to find a son. It saddened me that he never reached out to his parents. Throughout the story I was waiting for him to call at least his sister whom he was very closed to. I wasn't sure if he was rebelling and anger against his parents or he was Just selfish, inconsiderate, ungrateful, insensitive young man. While haltingly back up to the Baja, Chris was picked up by an eighty two year old man by the name of Ronald Franz.

Mr.. Franz was a religious, lonely old man whose wife and only son were ripped away from him by a drunk driver. The old man was growing much attached to Chris, up to the point of wanting to adapt him as his grandson. The old man though that Chris was a lost soul and wanted to pursue him to get an education. To the old mans surprise, according to Mr.. Franz, Chris told him, "you don't need to worry about me. I have a college education. I'm not destitute. I'm living like this by choice. " Jon Krause, Into The Wild, page] Chrism's passion to go to
Alaska and experience the wild meant more to Chris than commodities. Chris gave, what I thought was bad advice to Mr.. France. Chris believed that the core of a man spirit came from new experiences. Chris advised an eight two old man to sell his home and live on the road. The old man did Just that, he sold his home and lived In his truck park where Chris once lived. The old man waited for Chris to return for months Trot Alas Aka out to Nils surprise, a transit en palace up tool ml Tanat snarls Ana expired. The old man was much divested that at that moment he renounced his elisions beliefs.
Mr.. Franz stated, "l decided I couldn't believe in a God who would let something that terrible happen to a boy like Alex. " , Jon Krause, Into The Wild, page] Once spring came around Chris decided continue his Journey to Alaska. In April 1992 Chris, not well equipped, headed down the Stampede Trail in Alaska. He began his odyssey with only ten pounds of rice, a . 22 rifle, a camera, several boxes of rifle rounds, and some reading material. He declined to take the most essential tools for survival in the wilderness; such as, a map and a compass.
In the wild he got to spend time with nature, he ran with the wild horses, hunting for food, he was one with nature away from society. Chris, Just like one of his favorite writer Leo Tolstoy, abandons a life of comfort and privilege to wander among the underprivileged. In the wild he discovered himself and realized that happiness is only real when shared. After two months in the woods of Alaska, Chris felt satisfied with what he had accomplished and experienced he was ready to return to civilization. Unfortunately, Chris found himself trapped in the wild.
His only exit was crossing the Testimonial River Chris founded impossible crossing it. For a while Chris survived feeding on squires, birds and wild berries. According to Chris Journals on day 100 in the wild he was exited he had survived another day. He's food supply was extinct, as of result, he was dying of starvation. It's ironic that Chris was excited and all he though about going to Alaska and he was trapped and eventually reached his death. Poor Chris, I can't even imagine the mental and physical agony he suffered before he expired. Chris story was sad and heartbreaking.

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