Importance of English Literature Essay

Published: 2021-07-01 06:33:10
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Causing the Rising in altitude though Create their While slicing lives for Thus only stumps appear Give birth to yourself; don't wait for a mid-wife I know that everybody dies; we know that not everybody lives Can't be done thinking thanks; still holding to the green leaves I haven't made it yet; still have hopes to make it in future Nobody knows tomorrow; the things to happen, we only hope to picture What they take for granted today seemed Impossible yesterday, to structure I want to be used for a greater purpose; far way bigger than myself Life Is good; I want It to be deter for l, Me and Myself.
I wrote a letter to time, asking him for more time The things I hope to accomplish in future is enormous; I need more than time Checks and balances; everything being equal, my life is balanced Heard equality is unattainable; many still feed on diets that are not balanced Could it be that life is not fair to some people? Is it then dark?
So far there is life, there is hope; this is beyond the slate minds that are blank Imitation is limitation I heard; Am so busy trying to make my own impression My impressions will be baseless If I don't conquer the limits f my limitation Thank God for the gift of life; be happy and free to live your God- giving life Life Is good; Yes! It will be better for all have life and still strife.

The future Is so competitive; I have the best In anticipation To the best of memory; All in the past has been solidification of the foundation I pray, the temple of my life your life; let no pirate sail above You are in charge, take control of your ship and sail against the tides of the sea With a focused third eye; all that you seek to look, you will surely see These walls don't keep a secret; Am obsessed with life, want to keep living

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