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Published: 2021-07-01 06:59:28
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Entertainment has been an of import component in this universe. Peoples seek all sort of amusement such as athleticss and music to pass their clip either entirely or with household and friends. Some people may be willing to travel through a great length, spend monolithic sum of money or even digest some physical challenges every bit long as they get the amusement from the activities that they loved. However, some people might non recognize that some of their activities might be harmful to the ambiance, which in the long-run will finally impact themselves and their households. A individual or an organisation might non recognize how they are damaging the ambiance because largely their activities does non demo any immediate seeable impact, but scientific discipline has shown us how a simple action that seems so harmless might lend to a annihilating impact to the ambiance.
One illustration of a popular amusement presents is the music festivals. Music doubtless is one of the biggest beginnings of amusement and is enjoyed by people irrespective of age, profession or cultural difference. Music festivals are the topographic point that could garner 1000s of music lovers to portion their love and compulsions towards music. Festivals such as the Woodstock Festival ( 1969 ) in United States and Glastonbury Festival in United Kingdom can pull more than 100,000 people at a clip. In Australia, some festivals such as the Big Day Out and Soundwave Festival has been organized in about every province of the state and becomes one-year tradition among the music lovers. These are one of the biggest amusement events in the state but without deep consideration to the environment, they can be one of the major grounds of atmospheric pollution.
Despite many positive parts of the music festival, there are besides the parts where music festival can be harmful to the environment. Music festivals use immense sum of energy which may comes from non-sustainable beginnings. Two major beginnings of electricity during music festivals came from fuel-burning generators or the electricity grid, in which in Australia they largely came from the combustion of coal ( Solar Point, n.d. ) . These power beginnings release immense sum of C dioxide ( CO2 ) and air pollutants which might lend to the long-run impact to the ambiance such as the planetary heating and acerb rain. Besides that, diesel-powered generators normally used in festivals might besides supply immediate wellness fright as they may let go of really little but risky solid particulate affair which could transport harmful chemicals to peoplei??s lungs while they breathe. It might non be a common calamity but it is better to fix for the worst and seek to extinguish air pollutants and inordinate nursery gasses from the ambiance.

Alternatively, music festivals might besides hold high C footmark that came indirectly from the events. For case, the crowd came to music festival from all across the province and release immense sums of nursery gasses to the ambiance by going in their autos, coachs or any other agencies of transit that require combustion of fossil fuel. This will be worst if the events cause monolithic traffic jams as it will impact even those who are non traveling to the festivals and more fuel burning will takes topographic point on the route. On the other manus, non everyone in the crowd during the event will utilize the proper manner of disposing or recycling their waste, which means more pollutants will be provided to the environment. Furthermore, the corporal energy from the life rhythm of the phases, equipments, vehicles and other stuffs used during the festival might besides add to the C footmark of the event. All these beginnings of pollutants and nursery gasses will so impact the ambiance and lead to lay waste toing environmental jobs.
It will be absurd to propose that music festivals should be banned to protect the environment. A more effectual manner to manage this job is by retracing the event to be more environmentally friendly and to cut down the C footmark of the event to the lower limit. The most critical measure towards this solution must get down from the eventi??s direction squad. The organiser for such event must alter their system and include environmental concern in their policy. Each event must hold a designated environmental coordinator who will be responsible to the degree of environmental sustainability of the event. The coordinator must supply some sustainable guidelines and ensures that the processs are implemented in every facet. In add-on, the attendants of the event should be offered the option to countervail their C footmark in the attempt to cut down nursery consequence. In Queensland, Splendour in the Grass Festival offers Carbon Offset Ticket which will countervail the buyeri??s travel emanation for around 350km ( Splendour in the Grass, 2010 ) .
Redesigning the whole power supply system to be more environmentally friendly can hold a important consequence to the sustainability of the music festival. Organizers should do certain that their phase uses efficient power supply and utilize energy salvaging equipment. Precious energy demands to be conserved as more electricity generated will do more harmful substances to be released to the ambiance. However, a more reasonable manner of significantly cut downing the emanation is by taking the right beginning for the electricity. Presently, most of the festivals in Australia or any other state in the universe run by trusting on fossil fuels, which burning is a major menace to the ambiance. Therefore, if we want to forestall the inordinate emanation of C dioxide, sulfur dioxide and azotic oxide to the ambiance, so bring forthing electricity from harmless resources should be the precedence.
In Australia, there are several companies that have developed the safe engineering and made them portable and simple to be used. Some practical options that may be a good replacing for the dodo fuel based electricity are biodiesel generator and solar photovoltaic ( PV ) system. Unlike petrofuel generator, biodiesel generator used Diesel made from vegetable oils or carnal fats. Biodiesel is a type of renewable energy and is presently emerging as one of the most dependable options to fossil fuel. One advantage of this renewable fuel is that C dioxide will be used during the production of the biodiesel, which is from the photosynthesis of the works. However, although the C ratio of biodiesel is significantly lower than the normal Diesel, the burning of biodiesel besides releases nitrogen oxides every bit good as little sum of sulfur dioxides and methane. Azotic oxide ( NOx ) is the inevitable consequence of any burning procedure, in which the high temperature at the furnaces or engines will change over N from the ambiance to azotic oxide ( Boyle, 2004 ) . Therefore, it might be a more simple solution, but biodiesel generators might non be the smartest pick for power supply.
A better pick for power supply could be the solar PV system. Australia is one of the states that receive sufficient sum of sunshine ( Solar Point, n.d. ) so there will be no job of limited resource. Solar PV does non necessitate any burning and is a really clean renewable energy. In add-on, solar faculties do non hold any moving parts which mean it is safe to run and will non necessitate frequent care. PV system can be build at the festivali??s site as a base entirely system or grid-connected system. A grid connected system can let the excess power to be fed back to the grid and can utilize some energy from the grid in instance of power deficit. However, it might non hold the portability and flexibleness that the base entirely system will hold. In Australia, there are tonss of companies that specialize in PV panels and plentifulness of picks are available in the market. The lone job will be that the capital cost of the system will be rather high but on the contrary, the running cost will be really low as it does non necessitate intensive care, have long lifetime and it can be recycled. The best portion of utilizing solar PV system is the i??fueli?? is clean, safe and free.
One simple but interesting suggestion to better the sustainability of music festival is to revise the catering and menu choice of the events. It might non look as a really notable thought but making so might besides cut down the impact of music festival to the ambiance. Festivals irrespective of their continuances or sizes normally present caterer or peddler who provide or sell nutrients and drinks during the event. Foods and drinks are the biggest beginning of rubbish as can be seen in every festival site after everyone has left the locale. Therefore, it might be a good thought to inquire the caterer, peddler or any parties who are responsible for the nutrient to cut down or wholly extinguish any nutrient or drinks that come in non-biodegradable or non-recyclable wrapper if possible. In add-on, they should besides be reminded to pull off their H2O and energy use expeditiously and cut down their waste. Unnecessary energy use is non merely uneconomical, but some electrical contraptions might besides lend to atmospheric pollution. For case, CFC ( CFC ) from icebox is a immense menace to the ambiance as it is the major cause of stratospheric ozone depletion. Therefore, it will be a great thought to inquire the caterer to hold their ain environmental policy in order to better the sustainability of the event.
Besides concentrating on the manner to cut down the emanation of nursery gasses and other atmospheric pollutants by music festivals, organisers should besides take the chance to utilize the events as a medium to advance environmental concerns among the populace. Organizers should show that their events are back uping the attempt to protect the ambiance and involved in the battle to conserve the environment. It will be better if the event will merely accept sponsorship from organisations that besides support the environmental cause and non peculiarly involved in any major environmental job. During the event, environmental messages should besides be displayed or announced several times to stress the importance of a sustainable hereafter. In add-on, well-known eco-friendly sets and instrumentalists should besides be invited to execute to demo that everyone has the duty to protect the planet. Internationally celebrated sets such as Radiohead ( United Kingdom ) and Pearl Jam ( United States ) have publically shown their concern to the environment and these function theoretical accounts have the ability to present the message successfully to the crowd.
Another of import component that besides needs to be introduced in a music festival is a sustainability audit. It is really of import to reexamine every facet of the festival and happen a manner to better the event in the hereafter. The event can be assessed by internal member of the festival or with the aid of professional judge. The audit should measure the direct and indirect emanations of nursery gasses, energy efficiency for all electrical devices and systems, physical impact of the event to the environment and the effectivity of the eventi??s environmental policy. The informations collected could be really utile in bettering the sustainability of the event and can besides be a guideline for any other related event in the hereafter.
There might be some other enterprises that could be put into pattern in the attempt to alter music festival to be a greenish event. These attempts will non hold any major impact on the enjoyment and exhilaration that are seek on the event because the satisfaction of the attendants will besides be a precedence. In fact, an environmentally friendly music festival could perchance pull even more support from the music lovers as more people in the universe has started to care for the environment and opt for more green activities. We can see in every province in Australia people have shown their involvement for more sustainable hereafter and the communities took assorted attempts to better the vicinities. In the sustainable music festival, everyone can bask the great music without worrying about how they may harm the ambiance. The Earth is traveling to be a more beautiful planet if we can let go of the love of music into the atmosphere alternatively of the soiled burning fume of the dodo fuel.

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