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Published: 2021-07-01 06:21:10
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How can companies make sure they do not discriminate against women as the workforce becomes more diverse? Offer full scholarships to female employees for campus or online colleges while still maintaining their position In the company with a chance of promotion once the required course Is completed. Compare pay to performance (male or female) and make diversity a part of that performance. Conduct discrimination policy training. Seeing as women only can become pregnant, they should not be forced Into leave If hey can still do the work.
They should be entitled to the same sick pay or dillydally that any other employee (male or female) would be paid for any other medical absence. How does each of the four labor trends affect HARM? A) Aging of the labor force Older workers may present seem challenges related to costs of health care and other benefits. Chronic health problems and age-related disabilities need to be considered. HER professionals will be challenged by the need for multi-generational workers to successfully function as a team. Different generations often hold opposing attitudes awards work and life.
If not managed properly, these differences could result in ineffective performance in the workplace. B) diversity of the labor force The diversity of the U. S. Labor force challenges employers to create HARM practices that ensure they fully utilize the talents, skills, and valves of all the employees. As a result, organizations cannot afford to ignore or discount that potential contributions of women and minorities. HARM must communicate with employees who are from different cultures and speak different languages. A comfortable work environment just be made.

There should not be any racial tension or discrimination. C) Skill deficiencies of the workforce affect HARM in that more companies are looking for computer and tech skills. Today's employees must be able to handle a variety of responsibilities, interact with customers, and think creatively. A college degree Is a requirement for Jobs today. HARM sometimes has to team up with colleges to teach certain skills. HARM is challenged to find qualities and skills In candidates that are sometimes hard to find. There are more skills needed by companies than employees eave to offer.

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