Human Impact on the Natural Environment Case study: The world’s Tropical rainforests

Published: 2021-07-01 06:19:44
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They are found around the equator between the tropic of Cancer and the tropic of Capricorn. They run in a belt from west - east. The landmass of tropical forest is very extensive, it covers 7% of all the worlds land. It is trans continental; it covers 4 continents South America, Africa, Asia and Oceania.
The Rainforest Environment:
The Amazon rejoins of South America (Amozonia)

Population density is number of people by area of land
Population density = number of people/ are of land
Brazil population = 150500000
Land area = 8361111 km2 population density =18 people per km2
U.K population = 56000000
Land area = 244602 km2 population density = 229 people per km2
Amazonian population = 6000000
Land area = 2000000 population density = 3 people per km2
A Comparative Analysis of population for the 3 areas?
Brazil is a much bigger population and a massive amount of land so there are a lot of people living in a large amount of land that is why the population density is so low. The U.K has a large population but a small amount of lad it is very densely populated that is why the population density is so high. Amazonian has a small population and a large amount of land it is very sparsely population that is why the population density is so very low.
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The Tropical Rainforest climate compared to our own (London and England)
The range of temperature is the amount of degrees between the lowest temperature and the highest.
(1) The annual rainfall for Manus is 1811mm this is about three times as much rain as London receives 600mm London has a very fixed amount of rainfall over the year and Manus has an extremly varied amount of rainfall over the year.
(2) Manus has a very high average temperature at about 28oc this is about three times the temperature of londons at 11oc.
(3) Manus has a very small range of temperature 2oc this shows no fixed seasons with temperature because there is very little change London's is seven times bigger a 11oc this shows that the temperature is not fixed this is show by the four seasons winter spring autumn and summer, in June, July and August the temperasture is at its highest showing summer.
(4) Manus has only 2 distinct seasons the wet and the dry season because the temperature is the same all year round from November to May it rains very hevily about 200 mm from june to april it is relitivly dry about 50mm.
(5) The rainfall in Manus is very heavy most of the year except of 3 months it is not fixed; in London the rain is a similar amount all year round.
Vegetation and Daily Weather Conditions
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In the rain forest the water is evaporated during the day and by 3 o'clock it starts to rain this is covectional rainfall. This make the forest vegitation very dense and not much light reaches the forest floor, becase it is some warm and wet if anything fall to the floor it starts to decompose quickly, There are 4 layers in a rain forest the top layer is the Emergents these are 45 meters high they are close together and stop some light passing through the there is the main canopy at 30 meters this stops more light and then at 25 meters there is the under canopy this stops more light then there are the shrubs at 5 meters this stops more light, so there is not very much light at the floor.
The trees in the tropical rainforest are deciduous but the forest remains evergreen. Why?
There are constant high temperatures, this means that there are no seasons like winter when the tress lose there leaves, the tress lose their leaves at different times in the year so it looks like the forest is evergreen.

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