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Published: 2021-07-01 06:23:05
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1. Point: to argue that a balance of both texts' strategies are most effective
I. Opening [sentences] defines leadership. What makes a good leader. Or a quote from a good leader
II. Background on Chinese [historic] In 500 BC, the Chou Dynasty was falling apart and there was civil strife. Confucius tried to bring people together through ritual and culture. Sun Tug was an ancient

III. No one can follow a leader without a balance of both strict rules and humanity
IV. Thesis: Although the Confucius and Sun Tug share different points of view on leadership, a balance of both strategies would e the most effective in times of both war and peace.
2. Rebuttal
I. Include somewhere either in beginning or the end.
II. Each theory on political leadership is different and can be used effectively and separately because there is more than one way to win the hearts of the people.
III. Confucius can easily win the hearts of the people through the moral values and cultures of China
IV. Sun Tug can easily win a war through his strategic skills and defense tactics
3. How Confucius's strategies alone will not work. His teachings are all about value and culture. He doesn't give the best advice as to how to win a war though
I. 13. 120 "even with a true king, it would certainly take one generation for humanity to prevail"
II. 12. 210 "always put the effort before the reward; is this not the way to accumulate moral power? To attack evil in itself
III. 8. 90 "you can make people follow the Way, you cannot make them understand it" define what the Way means.
IV. 5. 00 " there was a time went I used to listen to what people said and trusted that they would act accordingly, but not I listen to what they say and watch what they do" e contradicts himself
V. 2. 30 "lead them by political maneuvers, restrain them with punishments: the people will become cunning and shameless. " Another contradiction
4. How Sun Tutu's strategies alone will not work. Book doesn't display any uses of humanity and only focuses on how to gain victory.
I. "In order to kill the enemy, men must be roused to anger; that there may be advantage from defeating the enemy, they must have their rewards" (46)
II. Sun Tug beheads two girls for disobeying him and disobeys his master by beheading them when he said not to hen says "there are commands of the sovereign which must not be obeyed" (12). Sun Tug shows no humanity in his leadership and performs his actions to prove a point
III. "In war, the way to avoid what is strong is to strike what Is weak" too harsh on people. (62)
IV. "He wins his battles by making no mistakes" (53) must complete perfection to gain victory, but no one is perfect and everyone will make a mistake at some point.
5. The use of humanity and kindness by Confucius. There is no need to kill the bad if unnecessary.
I. 12. 190 "suppose I were to kill the bad to help the good; how about that? "you are here to govern; what need Is there to kill? If you desire what Is good, the people will be good. The moral power of gentleman Is wind, the moral power of the common man Is grass. Under the wind, the grass must bend. "
II. 12. 220 love all men and no one contradicts you-is this not almost a case of 'one single maxim that could ruin a country? " must understand your own faults even as a leader or else the whole country will fall
III. 1. 190 "raise the straight and set them above the crooked, and you will win the hearts of the people. If you raise the crooked and set them abaca the trait, the people will deny you their support"
IV. 2. 200 'Approach them with dignity and they will be respectful. Be yourself and a good son and a kind father, and they will be loyal. Raise the good and train the incompetent, and they will be zealous"
6. The use of spies and deceit by Tug can be used effectively to ensure your country or even company will succeed.
I. "all warfare is based on deception" (42)
II. Explain how all 5 uses of spying can be used. "Without subtle ingenuity of mind, one cannot make certain of the truth of their reports" (98)
III. Doomed spies are robbery the most confusing and difficult type of spy but can be the most helpful because it will distract the other side from the real truth.
IV. Uses deceit to win the war, be very tricky. Best way to gain an advantage on your enemy. " if he is inactive, give him no rest. If his forces are united, separate them. Attack him where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected" (43)
7. Combining both strategies and how it will prove to be most effective in leading a country or wartime against other countries. An effective way to rule a country with the balancing of both strategies ill help because one is more on humanity and ritual while the other is more on war and doing anything possible to win.
I. 12. 70 "if you had to do without one of these three, which would you give up? " "weapons, then food; after all, everyone has to die eventually. But without the trust of the people, no government can stand" gaining trust will be effective in ruling a country. People must trust the leader or else he will not be followed.
II. 8. 20 "when gentlemen treat their kin generously, common people are attracted to goodness; when old ties are not forgotten, common people are not sickle. "
III. 7. 310 "whenever I make a mistake, there is always someone to notice it" good to learn your mistakes even as a leader. No one is perfect not even leaders '
IV. 7. 260 "a perfect man, I cannot hope to meet. I would be content if only I could meet a principled man" no leader will be perfect and the leader must be well taught and know the literature
V. "in war, a general receives his commands from the sovereign, collects his army, and concentrates his forces" (69)
VI. 70 "a gentleman avoids competition" goes well with "when able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces we must seem inactive" (42)
VII. "Hence it is only the enlightened ruler and the wise general who will use the highest intelligence of the army for purposes of spying, and thereby they achieve great results" (99)
VIII. "the general who is unable to control his impatience will launch his men to the assault like swarming ants, with the result that one-third of his men are slain. " (49)
8. So now what? Today's society
I. Apply to our past presidents and how they led our country
II. How these leadership philosophies can be applied to businesses
III. Explain how philosophies are applied to the war strategies we use today Write an argumentative analytic comparison of the political leadership philosophies advanced in The Analects of Confucius and The Art of War.
For example, your thesis might compare the ideas of Sun Tug and Confucius on political leadership and argue (I. E., in times of war/peace, for democracies/monarchies, etc. ), you might argue that a balance of both texts' strategies is most effective, you might argue that both texts are fundamentally advocating similar behaviors, etc.

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