Hsm/230 Building an Ethical Organization Part 1

Published: 2021-07-01 06:31:44
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Building an Ethical Organization Part 1 Jennifer O HSM/230 9-18-11 Sharon Johnson-Fox Today, we have an overabundance of citizens who cannot afford good, quality medical care. Hampton Roads Complete Care Center (HRCC) is hoping to change that. We are going to be a non-profit dedicated to the citizens of our community and the surrounding cities. We will provide quality care for those who need it and will provide resources for those who request it. We will treat all clients as well as staff with compassion and respect. The organization is going to be a complete wellness and care facility.
The first priority will be to provide residents with the proper care they need. We will be a non-profit and will rely on government grants, donations, and volunteer workers who can hopefully be able to eventually move into paid positions. We are also hoping to employ the elderly and disabled to give them a feeling of accomplishment and being needed. We will service the elderly, disabled, homeless, low income, pregnant women, veterans, anyone who needs our services and we will provide services for those who have been denied help elsewhere. We are going to be a full service center and will also be able to help those with mental disabilities.
Eventually as we grow, and with more funding, we would like to have many doctors and counselors on board as there are many people in the community that could benefit from mental and health services. We will provide pregnancy testing as well as birth control pills. We will have counselors and mentors to help anyone who feels they need to talk in private. Sometimes, there are teens and young mothers who feel that they have no one to listen and we can provide that here. We will also have referrals for those who need extra help, for instance if they are pregnant and contemplating abortion; we can direct them to the proper person.

This also holds true if there is a veteran who needs help with a drinking or drug problem, we can provide them with the needed information. Even though we are not a facility that will deal with those specific issues, we will certainly try and provide any help that we can. In the Human Service industry ethics are of great importance and I believe everyone deserves the chance to receive help and if HRCC doesn’t provide it then we will do whatever it takes to get them to a place that can. As Manning (2003) states “How we operate affects the entire organization. This quote should be taken to heat by any organization that hopes to succeed. Our mission statement is to protect the health and well-being of all clients in the Hampton Roads and surrounding cities community. To increase access to healthcare and wellness to the uninsured, and to provide clients with a safe place in which their medical and emotional needs can be met. I feel the mission statement does support the ethical system. In my opinion it is unethical to turn away anyone who needs help. Communication is another important factor in dealing with clients and their physicians.
As Ashley and O’Rourke (2002) stated, ‘Today a patient often receives healthcare from a team of providers, especially in the setting of the modern acute-care hospital. But the resulting multiplication of the relationships does not alter the personal character of the interaction between health care providers and the patient. The relationship of the person seeking healthcare and the professionals providing the care is an important part of the foundation on which diagnosis and care is provided. ” (p. 226)
This is especially true when you do have elderly or homeless, who are sometimes either more trusting or reserved. The doctors and counselors that we employ are going to try as much as possible to have that communication and one on one time although it may be difficult at times. It is a vital part of our mission that clients need to feel safe and secure. Our mission statement will let the community know that we will be there to help in any way we can and will provide for their needs as much as we possibly can. I recall a time when my grandmother was still alive and I was taking her to a doctor’s appointment.
When we arrived she was notified that her doctor had retired and that she would be seeing the new doctor, she was understandably very nervous and scared and asked if I would please find out why she had not be informed. The receptionist let us know that the doctor had retired without notice and they simply overlooked some of his regular patients. The new doctor was so concerned for my grandmother that he spent an extra 20 minutes making her feel at ease. This is the behavior that I envision for HRCC. It is extremely important to make clients feel at ease in an uncomfortable situation.
Values can be defined as those things that are important or valued by someone. Honesty, loyalty and integrity are important parts of HRCC and the values shared by the team can be very powerful. The vision is clear, The Hampton Roads complete Care Center will partner with the community to improve the quality of life through better health. Our values statement is Teamwork, Integrity, and Quality. We will work as a team to achieve our purpose and make sure we connect our clients to the proper information. We will treat each other with respect and behave in an ethical manner.
We will continuously improve the quality of all our services over time. We will have compassion for others and sometimes we can even offer humor, laughter is, after all, the best medicine. I think in working together we can create a remarkable care center that can potentially thrive. In conclusion, Hampton Roads Complete Care Center will meet the needs of many of our citizens. We will make them feel safe and secure in the knowledge that their needs will be met and they will get the healthcare and medications that they need.
It is my greatest hope that HRCC becomes a vital part of the community and that in the years to come it can flourish and have many contributors. It is my dream that we can greatly reduce the number of people in our community that don’t have proper healthcare. Through hard work and dedication, with the desire to help others, this is a very achievable dream. References Ashley and O’Rourke (2002) Ethics of Healthcare; an introductory textbook. Manning (2003) Ethical leadership in Human Services; A multi-dimensional Approach. Strategic Leadership and Decision Making, retrieved from www. au. af. mil

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