How to Help Kids Deal With Rejection

Published: 2021-07-01 06:13:03
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Kids deal with No I do not think this practice should continue. This is something that is not safe for kids so young, kids around this age should be in school learning new things making new friends having little study groups having sleep oversee they should not be thinking about making money if so not by working in a field that will make you sick to your stomach.
No child should feel as if that's the way a real Job will be because it's not the way that it will feel like. It's bad enough young kids are already out here doing rugs not going to school to make it better they want to work a child until she passes out or not able to be the same as they were before they started working "l got heat exhaustion?vomiting, feel like my stomach was trying to come out of my body. " She said. They would bring me water and saltine crackers to settle my stomach until I got better and then back to work. " (Kids deal with)elf I was feeling this way I would tell the person I'm working for have a good life but I may no longer work for you anymore. Your business is making me sick to my stomach and all you want me to do is work, ark, work and I get nothing from it but sickness and no sympathy from anyone.
Kids shouldn't even be worried about money they don't have bills to pay things to do their main focus should be school and homework. "But that was Just the beginning. The adults she worked with were mean to her, she says, and when she was 14 she was sexually harassed. " (Kids deal with) you shouldn't feel uncomfortable where you are at you shouldn't let anyone touch you and let them get away with that. That should be another reason why I think this practice should not continue because It Is not safe for a child.

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