How Gender Roles Are Represented Within Harry Potter

Published: 2021-07-01 06:47:26
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There is a lot of gender representation in The Order of the Phoenix although this is not done purposely by the author, J. K. Rolling where there is a much larger group of main characters who are female. More often than not the male characters are depicted as more fun and easy going throughout the books especially In the first book when Heroine followed the rules to the letter, one of her most memorable lines being, before you get us killed or worse expelled".
However as the series continues Heroine becomes a egger rule breaker than Ron and Harry themselves I. E. Wealth the second book she convinces the other two to "break about 50 school rules" to discover who was behind the Chamber of Secrets. She Is always shown as the 'brain' of the group and most of the time she doesn't even have to use magic to help the trio I. E. In the Goblet of Fire she aids Harry to help him win the tournament. Heroine is one of the most noted characters in the book with other characters even looking up to her or being awed by her skills I. E. Hen Ron says "We just haven't got your brains or your memory or your incarceration" or when Monoclonal says to Harry and Ron "I'm glad you listen to Heroine Granger at any rate" she is referring to the fact the Harry and Ron don't really care to listen to what happens never mind the deeper meaning behind what is being said and that they are more than lucky to have Heroine. The house system is sorted into different categories; Gratifying for the brave, Slithering for the pure blooded and cunning, Reverence for the cleverest and most intellectual and Hopefulness for anybody who could do magic. In the Order of the Phoenix during a
Tumbleweed's Army practice Terry Boot (a Reverence) says to Heroine, "How come you're not in Reverence... With brains like yours? " Overall Heroine is generally represented as the backbone of the 'Golden Trio', who is not only clever and smart but extremely brave and powerful character. She is shown to be brave in the final book more than any other because here she and Ron tell Harry that they are going to go with him no matter what the consequences are, nearly getting themselves killed. And In the process Heroine had to Impersonate Belletrist Lagrange and was tortured horrifically by her to.

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